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Where Can I Find Holden Wreckers in Sydney?

If you’re a true Australian native, you’re probably familiar with the iconic automobile brand; Holden. Also known as General Motors-Holden, this car giant has played the role of mascot for Australia’s automotive industry. However, it was announced in 2017 that local production would be discontinued. Many models have even found their way to Holden wreckers in Sydney.

Holden Wreckers in Sydney and Their Services

As much as you want to hold on to your old Holden, you might soon discover that it can no longer run to its full potential. When this happens, it’s best to send it over to a trusted car wrecker and receive instant cash.

Holden car wreckers will salvage your vehicle’s parts, including:

  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • All its fluids such as gasoline, engine oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and transmission fluid
  • Car batteries
  • Airbags, wheels, and tires
  • Plastic car parts such as the dashboard, bumpers, and lights
  • Air conditioning, engine, and transmission system

It’s best to sell your Holden as soon as possible. Cars tend to depreciate over time, especially when they’re more than a decade old!

Finding the best Holden wreckers in Sydney

You’re in luck; most wrecking companies take Holden cars. But the real question is, how can you find the most reliable car wrecking services to ensure that your precious Holden is in good hands?

Here are a few tips:

  • Check the current scrap prices before you sell your Holden. Scrap metal prices tend to fluctuate each day, and you can make a more informed decision when you monitor their value.
  • Look for licensed car wreckers. You may find companies that offer a high value for your car, only to discover that numerous hidden charges cost you more than you gain.
  • Consider the company’s purchase history. This way, you’ll see the types of cars they wreck and if they actually have proof of buying old Holden models.
  • Find out more through the company’s customer feedback. Are they services fast enough to keep up with your busy schedule? Are their previous customers satisfied with the way they’ve handled things?
  • Lastly, make sure that the company’s car wrecking process is eco-friendly. Vehicles (whether scrap or not) harm the environment, and it’s essential that they are recycled using green methods.

A Reliable Auto Wrecker in Sydney

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We at Amazon Cash for Cars offer high-quality wrecking services at the best prices. In fact, we can provide you with thousands of dollars in exchange for your old Holden; no matter its condition. Plus, we can pick up your car from your location, free of charge!