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sydney's leading auto wrecker with over 1500 used cars

What makes us #1

Did you know we are the #1 car wrecker in sydney?

we have one of the largest used car parts holding yard with over 1500 cars

Do you wonder what happens to a scrap car once you sell it to a car wrecker like Amazon Cash for Cars? The partnership of you with your car ends when you hand it over to the car wrecker, but the car still has to go through its final journey. Today we bring you an account of the final journey of scrap car and why the role played by the car wreckers is so significant.

What are car wreckers?

Car wreckers are businesses that take care of the dismantling of broken, decommissioned, and wrecked cars. If you want to get rid of your wrecked car, Amazon Cash for Cars is your go-to local wrecker. As your preferred local wrecker, be sure you’ll find all the parts you are looking for. Our team of experienced technicians discover all the parts that are still usable while dismantling your car so that they can be sold separately. The parts that are wrecked beyond repair or are unusable like bumper, wrecked chassis, and internal parts are sold to the scrap metal companies for recycling. Amazon Cash for Cars is known to be one of well established wreckers that buys cars for cash of up to $9,000 or more. Being a preferred local wreckers that buys cars for cash, our used parts are available at an affordable price.

Usable Spare Parts Value

Dismantling a car can yield you various reusable and valuable parts. These parts can be of immense value for someone out there looking for spare parts for their car. Amazon Cash for Cars resells such spare parts after recycling them. Some of the spare parts that we recycle and resell include:

  • Headlights and mirrors
  • Seats and upholstery
  • Engines and engine parts
  • Transmission systems
  • Blinkers and taillights
  • Exhaust system parts
  • Undamaged windows
  • Undamaged windshields

Amazon Cash for Cars is one of the top auto wreckers in Sydney and also your preferred auto wreckers near me in Sydney and surrounding regions. A car is usually rendered undrivable due to a couple of broken and old parts while the remaining external and internal components are in great working order. So, it is a good idea to dismantle these spare parts and use them for other cars.

The vehicle recycling process

Steps of recycling process

Amazon Cash for Cars’ Vehicle Recycling Process

Amazon Cash for Cars goes to an extensive and complex procedure while recycling a vehicle to make sure that all the reusable parts are recovered to be sold again. And, all the unusable parts and materials are forwarded to the right companies to get recycles. Our recycling process also includes the safe handling and disposal of all the fluids and materials that aren’t safe for recycling and reselling. Here’s an account of what our recycling process entitles:

1.     Tyres and Wheels Removal   

First of all, we remove the tyres of scrap cars. Since a car usually is scrapped due to engine failure or severe damage to the chassis, the wheels and tyres of such cars are relatively new and reusable. Car owners often look around for second hand wheels and tyres, as they are not only useful but also a very cost-efficient alternative to new wheels and tyres.

2.     Catalytic Converter Removal

Next, we remove the catalytic converter of your car which is the exhaust emission control device. This device is helpful in reducing the pollutants emitted from the exhaust fumes of your car. These are usually used in cars that include internal combustion engines. These converters are very expensive and you would trade a brand new replacement with a second-hand one instantly due to the amazing price gap. We recover these converters from scrap cars and sell them to car owners that are looking for a spare second-hand Catalytic converter.

3.     Car battery Removal

Next, our wrecking team removes the battery of a scrap car. We make sure to put it to use if it has enough juices left in it. Car batteries are among the most commonly needed and replaced spare parts. Scrap cars usually come with new and healthy batteries. This is a great chance for the existing car owners to get hands-on a battery that they can get at a reduced price when compared to a new one.

4.     Vehicle Fluid Drainage

There are a number of fluids used in the operation of a car from engine oil and engine coolant to transmission fluids, air conditioning refrigerant, and fuel. Amazon Cash for Cars as the ultimate auto wreckers in Sydney makes sure to drain all the fluids from a scrap vehicle during our dismantling procedure.

5.     Removal of Electronic Components

The new cars use plenty of high-value electronic components, which are very expensive when it comes to replacing them. We remove all such electronic components from a car that include electronic modules and panels, starter motors, entertainment systems, and alternators. Modern car owners approach us for electronic components whenever they need a spare part for replacement.

6.     Removal of Engine and Transmission System

Amazon Cash for Cars has come across a number of engines and transmission systems that were in perfect shape and condition. We have sold entire engines as well as transmission systems as spare parts that have helped a lot of vehicles out there from becoming scrap. These huge mechanical parts hold great value. If we don’t get any customers for selling these systems straight up we send them to the manufacturer for restoration.

7.     Removal of Hazardous materials

Amazon Cash for Cars dismantles each car and vehicles with extra care especially when it comes to disposing of the hazardous materials. The list of these dangerous materials includes screens, mercury that is usually featured in the anti-lock brake systems, light switches that are hood mounted, headlamps of high intensity, etc. another dangerous material found in scrap cars is Sodium Azide which is present in airbag propellant. We ensure to remove all these hazardous materials while dismantling a car to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the process.

What Happens to the Rest of the Car?

You might be wondering what would happen to the rest of your car. Once we have dismantled a car successfully, we process the shell of the vehicle further. We then remove other components like air conditioning/heating systems, harnesses, wiring, and other parts remaining in the car. Once we have cleared the shell of all the components, we go ahead and crush the vehicle flat or a cube. The crushing makes it easier for us to transport various scrapped cars to their final destination all at once.

Car wrecking Process we follow

Why Car Wreckers like Amazon Cash for Cars are So important?

Car wrecking is a very significant industry that not only benefits the people but is also advantageous for the environment and planet earth.

1.     Eco-friendly Disposal of Scrap Cars

First, car wreckers like Amazon Cash for Cars help in the recycling of steel. As a result, natural resources and energy both are saved. Recycling old and used steel requires a lot lesser energy as compared to making it from scratch. In Sydney, we are one of the few car recyclers in Sydney with end-to-end process to recycle cars in a green and an eco-friendly way. Another crucial role played by car wreckers is the recirculation of scrap metal in a healthy and useful manner while preventing massive amounts of it from going into a landfill.

2.     Inventory of Spare Parts

Another great benefit that car wreckers offer is the huge inventory of spare parts for the existing car owners. Do you need a second-hand tyre/wheels or a windshield/window, or an electronic component for your car? Just approach Amazon Cash for Cars and we assure you that we will find something suitable for your needs in our inventory. You can get our refurbished spare parts and save a lot while maintaining your car in its best shape. We have saved a lot of cars from going into the scrap heap with our extensive collection of spare parts.

3.     What’s the Catch? The Trouble-Free Disposal of your Scrap car!

You know what the catch is? Amazon Cash for Cars will provide you free towing services, and upfront cash while helping you get rid of your scrap car. Doesn’t that sound unbelievable? Well, it is true! Besides, we also help expedite your paperwork so that you get rid of your old and unwanted car in the most hassle-free way.

why choose us for your car wrecking service?

Wrecked cars ready for shredding:

cash for junk cars

Why Choose Amazon Cash for Cars as your Car Wrecker?

1.     The Only Answer to Your Quest for Reliable Car Wrecking Services

Amazon Cash for Cars wreckers aim to bring reliable car wrecking services in Sydney to develop lasting and trustworthy relationships with our customers. We know that car motor wreckers in Sydney aren’t what you require every day, and most of us need it for the first time. Even if it isn’t your first time just contact us with absolute trust that we will carry out the whole car removal and car wrecking process effortlessly while offering you instant cash f up to $9,900 along with our free towing services and effortless paperwork. From instant quote to effortless car removal to instant payment, our easy three-step process is all you need to get rid of your unwanted scrap car.

2.     Next Day Reliable Car Removal Services

Amazon Cash for Cars wreckers is dedicated to providing trouble-free car removal and disposal services to our customers along with cash offers throughout Sydney. We believe in bringing ultimate the ultimate convenience to your lives. You don’t have to bring your car to us or even need an appointment to get it valued. Get an online quote instantly. And let us know if our offer suits you and we will come to pick up the car the very next day to free up all your backyard space. We will give you upfront cash or bank transfer according to your preference. You can even schedule it on the same day to get rid of the scrap ASAP with FREE towing services and paperwork.

3.     State-of-the-art Wrecking Yards

The Amazon Cash for Cars has state-of-the-art wrecking yards for dismantling and wrecking cars to get the most out of each car. Our dismantling process includes the removal of all the resalable and valuable parts as we are equipped with the top-notch tools and equipment. We make sure to use the latest technology and all green standards for wrecking the scrap cars. Consequently, we are able to salvage the maximum value when wrecking a car. With our extensive experience in the industry, we have won the trust of our customers and have fostered long-lasting relationships with the best buyers and top professionals. This ensures that we can get you the best offer for your scrap car.

4.     Best Offers in the Market

As we are working in the car wrecking industry for years, we have successfully partnered with the top buyers and professionals and hence are able to offer you the best value for your scrap car. We believe in providing the value that your car deserves. Selling your scrap vehicle is a breeze when you partner with Amazon Cash for Cars auto wreckers near me. No matter what the make or model of your car is, we guarantee to find you the very best scrap car prices. Our offers are as high as $9,000 or even higher. Just ring us and schedule your car pick up.


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