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Cash for Cars
What to do?

When you contact amazon cash for cars,

you can expect an offer that you can’t REFUSE

Do you want to sell your car for cash? Amazon Cash for Cars provides the highest cash for cars of any Make and Model in Sydney and surrounding regions with free car removals. Your car’s value is determined by the year, make, model and vehicle conditions. We’ll pay you on the spot cash for your vehicle removal in Sydney.

We are always available at Amazon Cash for Cars in Sydney to receive your unwanted, scrap or junk cars. So, if you want to sell your car to a company that is not interested in your car’s condition or price, just look for Amazon Cash for Cars. We’ll give you the best market price for your used car. It takes only less than 2 hours to get the best quote, get your car removed and get paid top cash for unwanted car, scrap car, junk car & other vehicle removal.         

We purchase all makes, models, and conditions and ensure premium services like:

  • Instant Quote
  • Easy Paperwork
  • We Pay on the Spot
  • Free Car Removals in Sydney
  • Top Cash for Cars Up To $9,000
  • Best Quotes for Cars, SUV, 4×4, Ute, Truck & More

Fast, simple and easy. This is the “Amazon Cash for Car” way.

Sell your unwanted car today!

what we buy?

SELL MY CAR for cash in SYDNEY,


We buy cars of all makes and models in any condition including SUVs, 4×4s, Utes, trucks, and more at Amazon Cash for Cars. If you’ve got a car that hasn’t been running for years and you want to get rid of it as it’s out of order and registration and getting it fixed would be too expensive, then you’re at the right place.

Amazon Cash for Cars is a recognised, licenced and insured buyer of cars, SUVs, 4×4s, Utes, and trucks. You can immediately sell your unwanted or old car for cash through our cash for car service by calling us at 0422784920. We also buy second hand, old, accidents, unwanted, and scrap cars for as much as $9,000 or even more.

With us, the old and undesirable car which hasn’t been running for many years can be sold like a great working car or truck. Sell EASILY and QUICKLY. Contact Amazon Cash for Cars to sale your car or truck of any make & model in any condition and get INSTANT CASH.

We pay cash for cars in Sydney and surrounding regions such as Wollongong, Newcastle and Central Coast. We provide the best customer service in the region and that is why you’ll be able to get rid of your car the same day.

We provide FREE towing services when you book a service with us. We also offer other free services like pre-booking, easy paperwork, and free car evaluation.

Contact us today and sell your car to the best cash for car company in Sydney.

what we OFFER?



There’s no need to take time out of your busy day at Amazon Cash for Cars to sell your car. Even you don’t have to bring your car to us. “We will come to you” Yes, that’s right. We’ll come to you to purchase and remove your unwanted car. Our car removal process is quick and easy, enabling our clients to have their car removed without taking time from their busy schedule. Your car is sold and removed easily with Amazon Cash for Car.

We also offer:

It’s super easy to sell your car, all you have to do is to call Amazon Cash for Cars.

Our services include recycling car parts, selling car scrap material, and car wrecking. Our key revenue is generated from recycling car parts. That’s why we are happy to offer you the highest cash value for your car up to $9,000.

When we arrive to pick up your car in Sydney, be assured of getting instant payment on the spot. For any vehicle like car, SUVs, 4×4s, Utes, or trucks, we offer up to $9,000.

Call us on 0422784920 TODAY, and we’ll offer you the best cash for car quote!


Do you want to sell a car in Sydney for top cash and free removal? You must stop worrying about it as Amazon Cash for Car are here to take the hassle of your hands and they will do their best to help you get rid of your car TODAY. We are premium cash for car and car removal company in Sydney where you can sell your car instantly.




You have only to CALL Amazon Cash for Cars, and we’re here to solve your problem. Amazon Cash for Cars provides cash for car services. We help people to sell used or damaged cars instantly.

Amazon Cash for Cars is one of the best cash for car and car removal companies in Sydney that helps car owners to get rid of their cars, SUVs, 4×4s, Utes, and trucks.

We provide our cash for car services quickly and always ensure satisfaction. Our aim is to satisfy our client completely. We provide car removal service in Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, and Central Coast regions.

We deal with all makes, models, and conditions and remove your car, whether it is in working condition or not. We ensure you instantly payment at an unbeatable price! Instant Cash Up To $9,000

Call us TODAY for a FREE quote on 0422784920


There are a lot of Cash for Car companies in Sydney, and it’s hard to find which company offers the best service and price for your car.

We value our customers at Amazon Cash for Cars and have, therefore created an easy guide to help you select a trustworthy and reliable car removal company:

  • Check online reviews
  • Review their cash for car services
  • Check for the company’s license and insurance
  • Review the maximum cash amount the company is willing to pay

You will surely get the best price at Amazon Cash for Cars in Sydney!

our business usp's

At Amazon Cash for Cars, we are very different to other cash for car and car removal companies in Sydney. So what makes us so different and unique?

Here are some of the key points:

  • 24/7
  • Friendly Staff
  • Friendly Service
  • We Come To You
  • We Pay Top Dollar
  • Expert Car Valuators
  • Around The Clock Service
  • Same Day Free Car Removal
  • Seamless Cash for Car Service
  • We Come At Your Convenience
  • Hassle Free No-Obligation Quotes
our service regions

At Amazon Cash for Cars, we buy from all regions of Sydney including Wollongong, Newcastle and Central Coast

  • Sydney
  • Sydney CBD
  • Eastern Suburbs
  • Western Suburbs
  • Northern Suburbs
  • Southern Suburbs
  • St George Suburbs
  • Forest Suburbs
  • Campbelltown
  • Hills District
  • Canterbury
  • Inner West
  • Mittagong
  • Bowral

OUR accepted brands


If you want the most reliable and customer-friendly car removal service for unwanted, old, and scrap car, you are at the right price. We at Amazon Cash for Cars help you to get top dollar for your car, regardless of the make, model, and condition of the car. The fastest way to get rid of your car and get instant cash is to call us. We at Amazon Cash for Cars are experts in this field and are proud of providing quick, simple and hassle-free removal.

Car removal service regions

Need your unwanted car removed today,

and need quick cash?

Amazon Cash for Cars is one of the biggest‘ Cash for Car, Car Removal & Auto Wrecker‘ company in Sydney. We provide extensive services for our clients like Cash for Car, Car Removal, Car Disposal, Car Recycling, and Car Wrecking.

We have been in the market from more than ten years, and we have become renowned for being Sydney’s most trusted Used Motor Dealer and Auto Wrecker. We are committed to taking care of our customers by offering the best services at the best prices.

We’re a Sydney-based company with the key focus and objective of offering cash for car and car removal services in Sydney for all types of vehicles. We ensure that all our clients receive the best quote for their vehicles. We buy all unwanted, old, and scrap vehicles, regardless of their manufacture, model, and condition. We deal in all types of cars, SUVs, 4×4s, Utes, and trucks.

We are proud to provide a professional and friendly service to give you the best offers to get rid of your vehicle. Our experienced professional team provides high-quality services which are always ready to assist. We at Amazon Cash for Cars are always ready to go one step further by offering you the best deal.

You just have to phone us at 0422784920 and get the highest cash payment for your unwanted, old, or scrap car.

Our payment process is fast and easy.


When you accept our offer, the next step is to arrange a car removal. Tell us when it would be a good time for us to arrive at your place to take the car and pay you the cash.

We offer car removal services in the following regions:

get the highest cash for your car

On the scheduled date and time, we’ll come to remove the car and pay the cash. It’s just that simple. So, call us today! And get your car sold for the top cash today.

Our customers are the first priority for Amazon Cash for Cars. We provide free car removal service seven days a week in Sydney.

Once you have contacted us via call or email, be assured that you’re in touch with the most reliable cash for cars company in Sydney. Our availability is our asset, so in whatever region you are, we’ll be there with 1-2 hours and remove your car for free.


Amazon Cash for Cars is a professional and experienced car removal company. We’re high-volume vehicle buyers. We can give the best prices for unwanted, old, and scrap cars to our clients. Our friendly team will manage all paperwork and will also guide you on how to get a refund from the NSW service in case of registration of the car.





Reason #1

we give you free instant quote

Are you ready to get a FREE instant cash offer for the car you want to get removed? Only call Amazon Cash for Car at 0422784920, and you’ll be answered by one of our auto evaluators to ask few details about your car to help you get an offer that is commensurate with your car’s value. Otherwise, you can fill the online quote form on our website, providing your vehicle’s details and an instant cash offer can be presented. If you live in Sydney or nearby, we’ll be at your place within 1-2 hours.

Reason #2


We’ll get your vehicle removed from your place. We know how challenging it can be to take a car from your place to our yard through all the Sydney traffic. We’re going to pick up your car for FREE from wherever you want. You can also choose a specific time for your booking. We completely understand your busy routine and are prepared for the fast car removal process. We’ll pick up your cars, SUVs, 4×4s, Utes, and trucks from any region of Sydney.

Reason #3


Amazon Cash for Car is the easiest and most seamless solution for getting rid of unwanted, old or scrap vehicles. The car owner has to file different types of documents and paperwork while selling the old car. Our friendly teams help the sellers to explain all the paperwork required to sell your unwanted car. They will complete all the required paperwork, whether you have an active registration or not.

Reason #4

we hand you the highest cash for your car

We pay cash for cars for all types of cars in Sydney. We deal in all makes, models, and conditions. Amazon Cash for Cars pays cash for vehicles up to $9,000. We provide an instant cash payment to the vehicle owner at the time of pickup. Get cash instantly for your unwanted vehicle today!

Reason #5


We get a lot of calls from old, accident, damaged and wrecked cars owners to get cash for the reusable parts of their cars or trucks. We pay cash for all conditions of vehicles in Sydney. We will do dismantling of the car, recondition reusable parts, and recycle the car’s metals. There is no other best way to get top cash for the old, accident, damaged, and wrecked cars and trucks.

Reason #6


There are many benefits of recycling cars such as:

  • Recycling steel from the vehicle frames 
  • Adequate fluid disposal, such as oil and gasoline
  • Greenhouse gas reduction due to reduced steel production 

The manufacturers reuse the large quantity of steel from a car and do not have to go through harmful ore refining process using coal to produce steel. This reduce the greenhouse gases which are produced as a result of these processes. It also helps save limestone as the minerals have to be destroyed during coal mining. Generally, the recycling of steel uses less energy (approximately 74%) as compared to the energy it requires to produce steel from scratch.

Instead of leaking into the ground and eventually impacting groundwater and the environment, all fluids from the junked vehicles will be properly disposed. Gasoline, oil, anti-freeze and even mercury are included in these fluids. In order to remove the risk of environmental pollution, these fluids must be discarded adequately.


Amazon Cash for Cars is the FIRST COMPANY in Australia to offer cryptocurrency payments for unwanted, junk and scrap cars. Read that again…we are the FIRST company in AUSTRALIA to offer CRYPTOCURRENCY PAYMENTS for your unwanted, damaged, junk, scrap or old car. We are not only the best at what we do but we also have some of the brightest minds in the industry. That is why we are revolutionising how you sell your car for cash.

cryptocurrency payments

we offer cryptocurrency payments

for your unwanted, junk, scrap or old car

Bitcoin is the future of how we buy and sell items and it is becoming an increasingly mainstream currency. Australia is one of the largest markets for Bitcoin users outside the US, and it makes excellent sense to respond to that growing demand.

Hence, why we at Amazon Cash for Cars have decided to offer cryptocurrency payments for your unwanted, damaged, salvaged, scrap or junk cars.

When we come to remove your car, our friendly staff will grab your cryptocurrency account details and we will INSTANTLY transfer you the agreed amount in (AUD/CRYPTO-PAIR) for your car through one of our accepted cryptocurrency payment methods.

We offer SAME-DAY INSTANT payments of the following cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ripple (XRP)
Scrap Vehicle Removal
OUR Payment process

bitcoin payments for scrap cars

turn your scrap car into a digital currency

We have partnered with the worlds biggest cryptocurrency exchange to provide effective and efficient cryptocurrency payment transactions. We provide payments through Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple to your primary address.

We offer the following cryptocurrency for car services:

  • Bitcoin Payments for Old Cars
  • Bitcoin Payments for Junk Cars
  • Bitcoin Payments for Used Cars
  • Bitcoin Payments for Scrap Cars
  • Bitcoin Payments for Salvaged Cars
  • Bitcoin Payments for Damaged Cars
  • Bitcoin Payments for Unwanted Cars
  • Bitcoin Payments for Written-Off Cars

Do you have any questions regarding our services? or want to get a quick cash quote for your car or car removal?

Please visit our frequently asked questions page if you have a query about our services or you can contact us on 0422784920 and speak with one of our friendly staff for more information and they will be happy to help you.

You can also book online and complete the online enquiry form and one of our friendly staff will contact you as soon as possible.

Contact us TODAY and turn your unwanted car into CASH.

Danny Price
Danny Price
01:29 23 Jun 22
Great price and service. These guys come out to our work site and handled the whole process. Money was paid on the day. Very professional service
Ashton Hopping
Ashton Hopping
09:14 17 Nov 21
Called up and was sorted within 24 hrs. Very professional, upfront and fast. Great communication, if you need a run down car swapped for cash I highly recommend Amazon Cash for Cars!
Dean Cotter
Dean Cotter
02:41 26 Oct 21
Carolyn Falkner
Carolyn Falkner
03:43 01 Sep 21
Great local service from James and his guys. Very professional service, honest and reliable. Thank you James.
Jono S
Jono S
02:19 19 Aug 21
Great service and super easy to work with, especially during the NSW lockdowns. James is a man of his word and goes above and beyond to ensure his customers are supported. Would recommend for quick, easy and fairly priced disposal of a vehicle.
rakesh vaghela
rakesh vaghela
09:20 09 Aug 21
Great experience since the first call made by James, not only pick up my written- off car from service centre but also saved few things I needed from the car. Fair price offered and prompt transfer. Kept transparency throughout the process. Thanks again James.
Edit Everything
Edit Everything
11:56 06 Jul 21
Great experience. I was phoned back quickly, given a great offer and they showed up within two hours in the city with a truck. The tow truck driver was friendly and helpful. I'd had other lower offers that involved me driving the car to them and taking the train home, so it was a no brainer to use Amazon cash for cars. Would definitely use this service again and recommend friends. Overall efficient service and fair price.
Debbie Cotter
Debbie Cotter
01:44 29 Jun 21
Excellent service, communication and more cash then I expected. I would certainly recommend James and his business and would use them again. Thanks again.
Desiah Pulawa
Desiah Pulawa
02:06 19 Jun 21
From the phone to picking up the car was excellent.Was quick to respond and polite which is very rare these days.Cash back was good,didn't think I'd get that muj.Tow man was lovely and polite.Very satisfied with everything.Thank you😁
00:27 17 May 21
Best price for your cars and smooth pickup i would recommend amazon cars any day 👍🏼
Rihanna Sohn
Rihanna Sohn
04:41 07 May 21
They gave me the best money for my car. I did research and got several different quotes and I can't believe how little some other companies pay back... Seriously, Amazon Cash for Cars was most straight forward to deal with and paid to my bank instantly. I'm very pleased.
Gul Aghai
Gul Aghai
08:52 01 Apr 21
James quoted me an offer which I couldn’t refuse..way above any other quotes which I received! Not only did he organise the removal of my car on the same day but the driver was very kind and friendly! Great service! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! - GA
Lynda Lulu
Lynda Lulu
04:04 17 Mar 21
So happy with the service I received. They were fast and organised. The man who collected my car was very polite and kind. I had no issues at all. I would highly recommend this company to everyone I know 🙂
Jessica Ko
Jessica Ko
22:55 04 Mar 21
Great service, removed my car from my house within 2hrs and I was happy with the cash payment! highly recommend. thanks James
Tony H
Tony H
03:35 02 Mar 21
Fair price - of course don't expect what you can get from a private sale. Pick up service was fast and hassle free, they even removed the plates for me, did all the paper work and towed the car away. If you want to get rid of an old car hassle free. These guys are good.
Dorothy Flint
Dorothy Flint
02:43 09 Feb 21
James was very helpful and most courteous, phoning in the quote almost immediately. The car was picked up right on time, the truck driver was friendly and efficient, had everything fixed up and the car on board his truck in very quick time. I would definitely recommend this company.
Warwick Fraser
Warwick Fraser
09:56 07 Jan 21
James was very professional to deal with and dose not mess you around. Hes happy to have a chat about what is needed & wanted.My 4x4 was brought by "Amazon Cash for Cars", tow truck came, picked the 4x4 & the funds transferred to my account.Very happy to do business with them.
Gill Kreyl
Gill Kreyl
08:15 26 Nov 20
Very very happy with James and this company. Offered us more money than anyone else. They were on time and kept in contact. The driver was very helpful and suggested we take the plates off and hand them in for cash. Again very helpful advice. Can't recommend enough. Thanks guys
jodi stuart
jodi stuart
03:20 26 Nov 20
Quick response from these guys. Great price offered and accepted. Pick up negotiated to suit me and quickly. Drivers were friendly and knew what they were doing. Highly recommend these guys
Emma Leach
Emma Leach
00:55 26 Nov 20
These guys were so helpful and went above and beyond to assist me with the removal of our poor, old broken down car. The car was in a very awkward location (traffic wise and parked on an incline) and the professional and helpful manner of the guy who came to remove it, was awesome. He was able to work out a solution to remove it, despite it being parked in between two other cars. He was cheerful and didn't give up! James was very responsive on the phone and we could not be happier with the service they provided. Many thanks.
01:57 25 Nov 20
James and his pick-up driver were excellent, I was well informed on pickup time and driver rang me on arrival. Very easy paperwork and removal. Great service, highly recommended. Big thanks to Amazon Cash for Cars !! Will certainly use them again, thanks guys. David in Katoomba.
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