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Cash For Cars Sydney - Get A Free Quote

get up to $9,000 cash for your unwanted car in sydney

We buy anything and everything:

Looking for a reliable cash for car company in sydney that can offer you the best CASH PRICE for your unwanted car?

we offer the highest cash for cars in sydney

Are you ready for car disposal but looking for a hassle-free way to get rid of your unwanted car?

Amazon Cash for Cars is the expert car removal company in Sydney, that provides cash for cars that you no longer want to own. Providing the best car removal service in overall Sydney, Amazon Cash for Cars not only buys your old car but buys damaged, scraped, and junk cars and its spare parts that offer no value to you. But we pay you cash that makes your old unwanted car valuable.

If you are wanting to get rid of your car or simply looking for cash for cars Sydney online quote, then Amazon Cash for Cars is you go to company to get the best possible cash offers with free same day removal. When you talk to one of our friendly staff for cash for cars Sydney online quote, be sure you’ll get the best cash quote in the area.

Amazon Cash for Cars is known and trusted for paying you the best value for your unwanted car. We are a licensed car trader and wrecker company that promises to offer the best instant cash for cars Sydney  of up to $9,000, ensuring to bring benefit to you.

Our service is available all year round so that you can get your car removed whenever and wherever you want, giving you an amazing cash value. So, hurry up and contact us if you have a junk car in your garage.

Call us on 0422784920 or complete the online enquiry form to receive cash for cars Sydney online quote .

Cash for Cars

We pay cash for all types of cars:

When do you need Amazon Cash for Cars?

Well, you need Amazon Cash for Cars when it comes to the following several reasons:

  • Having a junk car in the garage and you want to free up space. Contact us so we can pick up cars for cash Sydney and provide the best car disposal services in Sydney. Hiring us for car removal makes it easy and quick for you to get rid of the useless car. Our pick up cars for cash in Sydney brings you: instant quote, same day free removal and on the spot cash payment of up to $9,000.
  • You need instant cash, remove the junk car from your space and get benefit from it. We offer instant cash and free towing services making car removal service cost-efficient for you.
  • You care for the environment and want to dispose of your scrap car in a green way; we at Amazon Cash for Cars make sure to remain environment-friendly when removing and disposing of your scrap car.
  • You want to get rid of that unwanted car without facing any complications, contact a professional company that knows its job like Amazon Cash for Cars to get rid of the unwanted vehicle conveniently. We take care of all the paperwork to provide you ease.
CALL us today: 0422784920
We offer and provide a wide range of car services:

Services & Offers

Amazon Cash for Cars offers great services for our valued customers in Sydney and surrounding regions for every vehicle type from simple cars to sports cars, jeeps, luxury cars, trucks, and vans, etc. We offer you cash for any make and model, but yes, the value varies depending on the make, condition, and model of the vehicle. Let us introduce you to our services.

  • Car Removal:  Get your car removed in the most environmental friendly way and get instant cash of up to $9,000. We are just a call away, contact us and get rid of the unwanted car. We offer same-day car removal with free towing service all over the country, so you don’t even need to spend a penny on towing. You don’t need to keep that unwanted car in your garage. Free up space and give away your junk  and unwanted car to get extra cash..
  • Car Wrecker: We not only remove a car but wreck it in the wrecking yard in a way that has a minimum impact on the environment as we believe in taking care of the environment around us. Our professional team dismantles every part to salvage and dispose of the scrap in a way that it can be recycled, reused, and resold, offering us great benefits. Our car wrecker service is safe and meets all the needed safety standards.
  • Car Scraper: You own a scrap car and thinking of making money out of it. Yes, it is possible as we provide the best cash value for scrap cars. Whether it has an engine missing or you just have the car metal frame, we will still evaluate the scrap value and pay you the best price in the market. We ensure that even your scrap gives you the maximum cash benefits. Our weighing scales are certified, and hence we offer honest quotes to our customers.
  • Car Disposal: Dispose of your vehicle in an eco-friendly way with our reliable service. Get the optimum amount of money and the greenest car disposal with Amazon Cash for Cars.  Save your time with our easy method of getting an instant cash for cars Sydney online quote, a free towing service, and receive payment the same day. We give instant cash as well as other payment options such as company cheque, secure bank transfer, and cryptocurrency payments according to their preferences.
  • Car Recycling: We know how to recycle rusted cars, broken van, wrecked truck, or accident-prone vehicle into something valuable in an eco-friendly way. We not only pay you cash and turn your useless vehicle into something valuable; we use recycling procedures to turn your car into something worth using. We are the best car recyclers as we recondition and recycle all working and useful parts and dispose of the rest in a greenway.
  • Car Towing Services: Amazon Cash for Cars offers free car towing service. We come to your doorstep to take your scrap car away to dispose of it in the safest way. We provide same day car removal services absolutely free. Just contact us or fill out our online enquiry form to get instant cash for cars Sydney online quote. Let us know if you are satisfied with the quote and we will offer a free car towing & cash for cars Sydney pick up to get it out of your hands. It is our responsibility to remove your car and make it easy for you to remove the junk and scrap away from your home and sight.

With Amazon Cash for Cars, just say goodbye to stress when it comes to selling your unwanted car. We offer you the best scrap car services and offers. Our process is simple and effortless and saves the precious time of our customers as we perform our services in a fast and efficiently. You can blindly trust us for the car removal services while living anywhere in Sydney.

Our guide before you sell your car:

Is your car ready for disposal?

When you have decided on a car removal service, go through the following points to ensure that you face no hindrance in the procedure of car disposal.

  • You should know your car’s title and model. Be sure that you have your car’s title.
  • You should have a valid state ID and a car registration certificate. We do check the proof of ownership of your car before accepting your car for disposal.
  • You should have all the needed documents related to the car, and these documents should be authentic. Please don’t try to play foul as we have a strong system to identify fraudulent and stolen cars.
  • Have an inspection of the car before handing the car to us for scraping. Remove any personal belonging or important item that you want to keep with yourself.
  • Have an inspection of the car and access its condition. There may still be some parts that are in good working condition, and you want to keep them. Hand over the car to us once you are satisfied that now you want to get rid of it completely. We will offer you the cash depending on the car’s condition, make and model.

Once your papers are complete, and you are willing to let go of your vehicle, call Amazon Cash for Cars on 0422784920 to take away the car and give you the cash in return.

How can you contact us:

Contact us today for effortlessly removing your unwanted car and get paid up to $9,000

Sell your unwanted car to the best car removal company in Sydney. Click on the link above to reach the “Book Online” box on the page.  Fill in the form completely by entering all the needed details. Enter your name, contact number, Suburb, email address, and pick up address to proceed to the vehicle detail form.  Enter the make, model, plate number, and other needed details of the vehicle.

Once you submit the form, we will send you a quotation. Please review the quotation and let us know if you are interested in our service. Once you agree to our offered quote, we will send a towing vehicle to take away the unwanted car. The cash is paid to you at your doorstep, or we can make a payment through cheque or bank transfer as per your request. Our instant cash for cars Sydney west is one of our biggest services that have allowed us to provide cash for car services in western Sydney. We buy Toyota’s, Mazda’s, BMW’s and much more in western Sydney with our instant cash for cars Sydney west service. If you are living in Sydney west, give us a call so we can provide you the best cash offer for your junk, scrap and unwanted car.

We have the most qualified team, and we use accurate, and certified BBC tested weighbridges to ensure that our service is the best and trustworthy in the whole country. We dismantle and dispose of the car in the greenest way keeping all safety standards in mind and offer you the best price against your useless car.

You can also call us on 0422784920 or send us an email for all of your inquiries. Our team is highly professional, and our company is fully insured, licensed, and authorised with permission to carry scraping, wrecking, dismantling & recycling services at our wreck yard. We will answer all your queries to the best of our knowledge.

Call us today and sell your car to us with complete satisfaction and get the best value for it.

Why choose us?

Why Amazon Cash for Cars is the best?

The biggest reason to use our cash for cars removal service is that you will earn good out of your scrap car. And to get the best cash value, we recommend you to choose the best company. Amazon Cash for Cars is the best company to choose for many reasons listed below:

  • We provide services all over Sydney in a really quick time
  • We are available throughout the week with our amazing services
  • We are specialised in removing any type of vehicle, of any size, make, and condition
  • We have the most professional car removal experts to provide you the safest services
  • We offer free car towing services to save your money and time. There are no hidden costs
  • We have the state of the art wrecking yards and technologies to dispose of cars and recycle them in the greenest ways
  • We have extensive knowledge of the value of vehicles and offer the best cash value to keep our customers happy and satisfied

Amazon Cash for Cars is the most reliable company to get an honest quote and sell your junk and unwanted car the same day. We know that you may need cash in an emergency, or you are busy so much that you don’t have the time to search for different car removal companies. We are committed to serving our customers with the best service while keeping all their needs in mind. Our money for cars service gets you the best cash value for your junk, scrap and unwanted car.

Not only we care for you, but we do our business in the most ethical way. We surely practice safe car removal procedures and recycling techniques to ensure that we remain environmental friendly.  We do not damage the environment, and you can definitely rely on us for getting speedy cash for cars along with free towing service aimed to free up your space in the safest way.

We accept all types of car models and make and provide car removal services throughout Sydney. Contact us today and sell your car to us at the best price by following three easy steps. Get an instant free quote, get a free car collection, and have your cash in hands the same day without any hassle.



Do you have any questions regarding our services? or want to get a quick cash quote for your car or car removal?

Please visit our frequently asked questions page if you have a query about our junk car removal services or you can contact us on 0422784920 and speak with one of our friendly staff for more information and they will be happy to help you.

You can also book online and complete the online enquiry form and one of our friendly staff will contact you as soon as possible.

Contact us TODAY and turn your unwanted, unregistered, old & scrap car into CASH.

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