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scrap car wreckers sydney


We are sydney's top auto wrecker that pays cash for:

we can get your "scrap" car wrecked for cash

we pay top cash price for "scrap cars"

Amazon Cash for Cars will pay you cash to buy your vehicle. We are the best Scrap Car wreckers and car dismantlers. A vehicle is brought into our yard and is dismantled for parts using our state-of-the-art facilities. These vehicles will be used for scrap metal and will be sold to scrap metal buyers nationally and internationally.

Get your scrap car wrecked for cash

Amazon Cash for Cars is one of the best scrap car wreckers in Sydney as we make sure that your vehicle is removed within 24 hours of your call to us. We work throughout the week and into the weekends. You can book an appointment for your vehicle to be picked up from your location to provide you with the most convenient service. Ultimately, we pay you cash to remove your scrap car and take it back to our state of the art wrecking yard where the vehicle is dismantled and wrecked.

We wreck all types of Brands and Models

Our services are not limited to certain models or brands. We accept all types of vehicles, whether you have a Toyota for wrecking or a Mitsubishi or any other car brand or model. We are here to offer the best and most convenient service you will get for your vehicle.

Professional Car Wrecking Service in Sydney

Amazon Cash for Cars has a strong and collaborative team of professional scrap car wreckers to handle all sorts of vehicle situations. Our team ensures that there is no environmental harm caused while wrecking your scrap car.

We wreck your vehicle in such a way that has a minimum impact on the environment as we believe in preserving the surrounding environment. This is done by our professional team who dismantles every part of your vehicle to salvage and dispose of the scrap in a way that it can be recycled, reused, and resold, offering us great benefits.

Car Recycling in an Eco-friendly way

Our professional team and state of the art facilities allow us to recycle rusted and scrap cars, vans and trunks in an eco-friendly way. What’s great for you is that we pay you cash and find the value in your useless vehicle as our recycling procedures turn the useless items into something worth using. It’s a fact that we are the best Car recyclers in Sydney as we recondition and recycle all working parts of your scrap car and dispose of the rest in a greenway to preserve the environment.

Why we are the best Scrap Car Wreckers in Sydney?

Amazon Cash for Cars has outstanding services and exclusive offers which is what distinguishes us from other car removal facilities in Sydney. As a well-known Car Wrecker, our priority has always been to understand our customer’s needs and to offer appropriate cash quotes for their vehicle. Some of our exclusive services are as follows:

  • Assured cash quotes up to $9000 for scrap cars depending on their conditions
  • We don’t ask for any fees for paperwork and car removals!
  • We ensure your car removal and wreckage is conducted professionally and as fast as possible.
  • Fast payments in cash for your scrap car!
Contact us today for FREE car removal and car wrecking to receive cash up to $9000

Sell your scrap car to the best car removal company and car wreckers in Sydney. Contact Amazon Cash for Cars by completing our online form to receive an immediate quote or call us at 0422784920


Do you have any questions regarding our services? or want to get a quick cash quote for your car or car removal?

Please visit our frequently asked questions page if you have a query about our junk car removal services or you can contact us on 0422784920 and speak with one of our friendly staff for more information and they will be happy to help you.

You can also book online and complete the online enquiry form and one of our friendly staff will contact you as soon as possible.

Contact us TODAY and turn your unwanted, unregistered, old & scrap car into CASH.

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