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sellers checklist

we created a checklist guide to help you sell your car

sellers checklist:

When selling you car, it can get a little confusing on what information and paperwork you need. That’s why at Amazon Cash for Cars, our team of professionals are here to help give you the next experience. This is the very reason why we drafted a Vehicle Selling CHECKLIST to guide our customers when selling your car to us. According to the state and federal law, these are the documents and paperwork you need to have handy when selling your car to us:

01 – Your Identification

You will need to present your photo ID; either your drivers license or your passport to confirm your identity and ownership of the vehicle

02 – Proof of Ownership

By law, you have to have proof of ownership of the vehicle; this is in the case that you still have a valid registration on your vehicle, we can help you submit a notice of disposal. We also use your proof of ownership to complete the vehicle sales receipt document upon your car removal.

03 – Remove Your Number Plates

Your number plates will need to be removed; this is mandatory as your number plates can easily be transferred to another vehicle if you wish to do so or you can return them to Service NSW to obtain a refund. Any remaining registration left will be refunded by Service NSW.