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Where can I sell my car for cash in Sydney?
You can sell your car for top cash to Amazon Cash for Cars as we provide car removal services Sydney wide and surrounding regions. Contact us today for a quick quote that you’ll love and we will pay you top cash and remove your car on the same day.

How to sell my car for cash??
You can sell your car to Car Buyers like Amazon Cash for Cars. We offer instant cash up to $9,000 depending on the vehicle year, make and model. Just give us a call on 0422784920 or complete the online enquiry form at the top of the page.

How to get a cash quote for my car?
Just give us a call on 0422784920 or fill in our online form to receive a quote within minutes.

Do I have to drive to your location?
No, Amazon Cash for Cars will come to you and collect your car anywhere in Sydney at anytime for free. You don’t need to drive it to us!

Where do you provide services?
We provide service all across Sydney so no matter where you are in Sydney, whether its Wollongong, Newcastle or the Central Coast we can provide you with service you’ll never forget.

What kind of cars do you buy?
We buy old, used, damaged, salvaged, prestige, second hand, scrap, wrecked, accident, new and broken vehicles. We accept all vehicles regardless of the make, model or condition!

How can I get the most money for my unwanted car?
Just call us or fill in our online form to receive a quote. Be specific and provide us with as much detail so we can and we will provide you with a quote that is precise. The make, model, age and condition of your car will determine the price when obtaining a quote.

How will you pay me?
Amazon Cash for Cars provides a wide range of payment options including cash, bank transfer, company cheque and the new cryptocurrency (digital currency). We can pay you in any form just let us know!

How will you remove my car?
Amazon Cash for Cars have experienced tow truck drivers who travel to your location that pick up your car for free and take it away.

Is there any paperwork that needs to be completed and signed?
We have got you covered with all the necessary paperwork behind the scenes. However, once our tow truck drivers have picked up your car, they’ll ask you to fill in some of your details and sign the sales receipt document.

Does the removal of my car affect the environment?
No, we are a fully licensed car removal company that disposes your car in a greenway. We ensure to remain eco-friendly when removing and disposing of scrap cars. You can trust us with your car disposal and recycling.

Why should I sell my car to you? 
Amazon Cash for Cars brings you 24/7 trustworthy car removal services and are committed to providing effortless removals to our valued clients. The best part is that we pay cash up to $9,000 and we ensure you walk away with an accurate offer that you are happy with. Not only that, but we also provide free towing services and are environment friendly. You’ll receive the best service when joining us so contact us today!

Are there any extra fees or charges for my car removal?
Absolutely not. We provide free towing services and have all the paperwork covered for you. You can just sit back and receive some big money while doing so. It’s that simple!

Does my car have to start and run?
Nope, we will come to you, pay you for your vehicle and tow it away for FREE.

How long does it take to remove my car?
It can take up to 45 mins depending on the exact location of your car. But usually, it takes around 30 mins to 1 hour.

Do you provide same day removal?
Yes, our tow truck drivers work around the clock to provide our clients with the best service at any time.