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Get To Know About The Scrapping Of Vehicles

There are numerous ways to get rid of a vehicle. One common option is to go to the dealership, and another is to sell the car to a private buyer. But if you’re looking for a hassle-free and quick solution, scrap vehicle removal is the way to go!

How does scrap vehicle removal work?

You don’t have to confuse yourself with learning how to post on a selling website or answering several questions from a dealer. Scrap car removal is a surprisingly straightforward process, involving only a few steps:

  • Find and contact an experienced and reputable vehicle removal company
  • Provide your vehicle’s details, including its year, make, model, and current condition
  • Receive and agree to the quote offered by your removal company
  • Schedule your car for pick-up
  • Get your cash payment on the spot

The real secret to scrap car removal is what happens after your vehicle has been picked up. In the facility, scrap vehicles will undergo a standard recycling process that involves the following steps:

  • Depollution

This process is designed to rid cars of their toxic fluids, including engine oil, gasoline, and coolant. It is done to prevent harmful substances from polluting the environment.

  • Dismantling

In this step, the car recycler will dismantle a vehicle in search of reusable parts. Then, these parts, such as the engine, wheels, tyres, and seats, will be refurbished and resold to people looking for affordable spares.

  • Crushing and shredding

Once a car no longer has salvageable spare parts, its frame will be crushed and shredded into smaller pieces. This allows recyclers to process scrap metals more efficiently, separating them as either ferrous or non-ferrous. For example, scrap steel is a ferrous metal, while aluminium is not.

  • Resource recovery

The final step involves mixing the car’s scrap metals with other metals. This is done to strengthen the scraps, preparing them to be moulded into new frames and other car parts.

Meanwhile, any other material recovered from a car, such as plastic, rubber, and glass, is separated from the metals and sent to landfills for proper disposal.

Because of this process, scrap car removal is one of the most eco-friendly ways to get rid of a vehicle. The recycled metals will make their way to auto manufacturers, allowing the companies to save on the costs of buying newly processed metal. In addition, vehicle removal helps reduce pollution and minimise waste in landfills.

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