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Holden Wreckers Sydney – Get Top Dollars for All Holden Vehicles Regardless of Its Condition

If a person has an old Holden vehicle that is no longer running, he might want to sell it to Holden wreckers in Sydney and earn instant cash. Most companies buy all Holden models regardless of its condition, so it doesn’t really matter if the car is barely recognisable because of its eroding paint and rust. With a reliable Holden wrecker in Sydney, one can still get some money for it.

Auto wreckers accept any model and make of vehicles because they are not really after the brand but the recyclable components. Around 86% of car components can be recycled? No wonder the auto recycling industry is booming. Also, ferrous and non-ferrous metals do not lose their properties? If a person has a brand-new car, there is a huge possibility that its frame is made from the steel that is salvaged from old cars. The same may be true for one’s brand-new washers and appliances.

Some of the parts that are salvaged by auto wreckers include:

  • Metals – ferrous and non-ferrous
  • Fluids – gasoline, engine oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and transmission fluid
  • Batteries
  • Wheels and tires
  • Plastic car parts – dashboard, bumpers, and lights
  • Engine
  • Transmission system
  • Air conditioning
  • Air bags

While many Holden wreckers in Sydney are going to accept old car regardless of its looks and performance, this doesn’t automatically mean that an individual will be able to sell it at a high price. Keep in mind that cars lose about half or their values right after the purchase. So, expect that the value of your old Holden vehicle will depreciate greatly, especially if it’s more than a decade old.

Before selling, do these things first. They can help a person get the most money from their used Holden vehicle:

  1. Check Current Scrap Prices Before Selling

Holden wreckers in Sydney consider the current market prices of scrap before making an offer, so it’s always good to check the prices of scrap metal before selling as they change daily. By doing this, a person will be able to make a more informed choice and determine if they are getting a reasonable offer from a company.

  1. Pick A Licensed Auto Wrecker in Sydney

This may seem obvious, yet a lot of people are still getting scammed by unscrupulous companies. Their biggest mistake is basing their decision on who gives the highest offer, only to be shocked by hidden charges later on.

If an individual wants a stress-free and completely transparent process, they should sell their Holden to Amazon Cash for Cars. This company provides hassle-free paper work and car towing services for free. No hidden fess, just honest and fair pricing. Call them today at 0422 784 920!