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Your Unwanted Cars Can Get You Paid for the Holidays

Everybody’s looking forward to the holidays—kids, grandparents, couples, and even your favourite celebrities. Everyone, it seems, except for those with bills to pay and gifts to buy for their loved ones. But there’s no need to worry. You can get cash paid for unwanted cars, earning you an extra few thousand dollars!

The Secret To Scoring The Best Deals On Your Unwanted Car

Here’s an early Christmas gift from us: Did you know that even junk vehicles can be value more than $1000? That’s right—your oldest, most unwanted beaters can sell for great prices if you know where to look!

How is this possible? The industry has one well-kept secret that you can use to your advantage: scrap metal prices.

If that doesn’t make sense for you, we’ll give you an example. Say you own a typical passenger vehicle, such as a Honda Civic or a Nissan Altima. The car can contain 1,088kg and 136kg steel and aluminium, respectively. When combined, these metals can be value up to $1,836!

But wait, it doesn’t stop there. Most vehicles will also contain much rarer metals, such as brass, value $4.50 per kilogram, and copper, value up to $8/kg.

Then there’s the case of your vehicle’s spare parts. Even if they’re no longer in running condition, they can still be scrapped for metal components. For instance, your engine and transmission system are excellent sources of aluminium, while a catalytic converter contains valuable palladium, rhodium, and platinum.

All in all, you can earn up to $9000 for a single vehicle, depending on where you sell it!

How To Get Cash Paid For Unwanted Cars

Another Way To Ensure That You Earn Top Cash For Your Vehicles Is To Find The Most Reliable Removal Company In Sydney. As Much As Possible, Make Sure They Meet The Following Criteria:

  • Licensed to buy old, unwanted, junk, and broken cars by the NSW government
  • Equipped with the latest technologies to dismantle a vehicle
  • Uses environmentally processes to get rid of your car, ensuring that no metal, component, or fluid goes to waste
  • Provides top-quality customer services, including free towing and paperwork handling
  • Offers reasonable prices regardless of your vehicle’s condition

Fortunately, one company has all the qualities you’re looking for: Amazon Cash for Cars. If you’re looking to get cash paid for unwanted cars quickly, follow these steps:

  • Call Amazon Cash for Cars at 0422 784 920 or visit our website.
  • Let us know what your car’s year, make, and model is.
  • Receive an instant quote and choose your preferred payment method.
  • Schedule your free pick-up on the same day.
  • Wait for our wreckers to arrive at your location and inspect your vehicle.
  • Receive up to $9000 in cash, Bitcoin, or company cheque instantly.