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Where Can I Buy Quality Used Car Parts From Car Wreckers In Sydney?

Cars don’t last forever, and unfortunately, the first component to break down might also be the most expensive to replace. Your first thought might be going straight to the first-party supplier for new parts. But is this worth it? What if you could find spares for a more affordable price, such as at your local car wrecker in Sydney!

The Most Expensive Spare Parts To Replace In Your Car

The average vehicle lasts for about 12 years or less, depending on how often you service it. But this lifespan can drastically reduce when you fail to conduct maintenance, or worse, get involved in an accident.

You’d be lucky to come out with just a scratch. But what do you do if the car’s engine or transmission system becomes damaged? As expected, you’ll need to shell out some cash, and replacing certain parts isn’t the most affordable:

  •   Catalytic Converter

This small device plays a significant role in your vehicle’s overall function. It is responsible for converting harmful gases (such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide) into safer emissions, minimising the number of pollutants released by your car. Catalytic converters rely on precious metals for chemical reactions, making them such a massive hit among thieves. Replacing a stolen one can cost you up to $3000.

  •   Transmission System

The transmission gives you control over your car’s speed, converting the engine’s power into torque. But over time, the system can degrade, causing fluid leaks, slipping gears, and a faint burning smell inside your vehicle.

It’s best to replace the transmission before your car finally stops changing gears, but doing this can cost you more than $3000.

  •   Bumper

If there’s one part of a car that always takes the brunt of a collision, it’s the bumper. A small dent could seem insignificant and purely an aesthetic issue, but the bumper plays a significant role in protecting you during accidents. And because they’re often damaged, bumpers are incredibly high in demand, leading to increased replacement prices. You may find it challenging to look for spare bumpers if your car model is no longer in production.

How Car Wreckers In Sydney Can Help You With Used Vehicle Parts

Are you having trouble finding affordable spare parts, even online? Don’t lose hope. You can count on car wreckers in Sydney like Amazon Cash for Cars. We don’t just buy damaged vehicles. We also salvage and reuse their components in case anyone in need comes looking for them!

Our inventory is one of the widest in the city, and you can buy everything from headlights and taillights to exhausts and engines. We make sure each part is usable before selling them, so you don’t have to worry about buying a busted system.

Contact us via 0422 784 920 to discover more of what we can offer!