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What Should You Do with a Scrap Car that Isn’t Worth Repairing?

Is your damaged vehicle no longer worth saving? Saying goodbye to an old friend can be difficult; however, it’s sometimes necessary to help you move on to greener pastures. The only way you can get rid of an unwanted car is to sell it, and scrap car removal in Wollongong may be able to help!

Ways to get rid of a scrap car

  • Dealerships

Dealerships are everyone’s first option when trying to sell a car. They’re fast, fast, convenient, and are often just around the corner of your home. What’s great about going to the dealer is that you don’t have to manage the paperwork — they’ll take care of your bill of sale, title transfers, and other documents.

However, there’s one downside to going to the dealership for a scrap vehicle. Most dealers will only pay wholesale prices for used cars, and if your car is in less than favourable condition, you’ll have to be ready to accept a measly payout.

  • Private buyers

Not satisfied with your dealer’s offer? You don’t have to accept it immediately. Instead, try to sell your car the traditional way, such as placing newspaper ads and giving out flyers. Of course, this method requires a little more legwork than just going to the dealership; however, you are guaranteed much higher prices if you find a trustworthy buyer.

Plus, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of posting paper ads, you can list your car for sale in online marketplaces. Some most popular car-selling platforms in Australia include, Online Auto, Drive, and Auto trader.

  • Charity organisations

What if your only goal is to get rid of the vehicle? If money isn’t what you’re after, why not do a good deed and donate the car to a non-profit organisation? Many charities accept vehicle donations, such as Sheltered by Grace, Concern Australia Welfare, and Kids Under Cover.

Car donations are a win-win situation, and you’ll be able to help those in need. And who knows — you might get something in return, such as a tax deduction.

However, note that most charities are looking for functional vehicles, so avoid donating a junk car without informing the organisation.

  • Scrap car removal in Wollongong

It almost seems impossible to find a method that combines the convenience of going to the dealer and the money you earn from selling to a private buyer. But don’t give up just yet — there’s a place that offers just what you need.

Scrap car removal companies can take any vehicle off your hands, no matter if it’s damaged, old, or unwanted. Moreover, they can offer you thousands of dollars in cash, lightning-fast pick-up services, and an instant quote.

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