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What Happens To Your Car When It Expires?

You may have been driving the same car for years now, and you might even be emotionally attached to it. But one day, it will become a hassle to use and costly to maintain, and you might end up not using it until its rego expires. When this happens, it’s time to think about car removals.

Car removal is a convenient service that will take the guesswork out of selling your old vehicle the traditional way. You just have to call a licensed car removal company for a quote, and if you like the cash offer, you can agree for them to fetch your car and they’ll pay on the spot. That’s right—you can earn cash out of selling your car to them, and you don’t even have to worry about the current condition of your vehicle. Your car will be accepted regardless of its make, model, or year.

What’s Wrong With An Expired Car?

An expired registration means you cannot drive your car anymore unless you renew it. You can renew your rego up to three months before its due date or three months after expiry. If you no longer want the car or you’re three months late for registration, think about car removals.

Most people are prone to forgetting about their car rego because they prioritise paying other bills. Not paying on time would mean driving an unregistered and possibly uninsured car on the road. If you get caught, you’ll be fined for the offence, even if it’s only been a day since the registration expired. Crashing an uninsured and unregistered vehicle could mean more dire consequences and higher expenses on your part.

Avoid All The Trouble And Sell Your Unwanted Car

Aren’t you better off driving a new car? If so, look up car removals and find out how much your old, unregistered vehicle is valued for. There are car removal companies that buy unregistered cars regardless of the condition. Just keep in mind that the amount of cash you’ll get will depend on the car’s condition and other factors like the make, model, and year. That said, licensed car removal companies are known to pay top dollar for any vehicle.

Need Extra Cash?

Getting rid of an unregistered vehicle through car removals is a good way to earn some urgent cash. You won’t even have to worry about paying for the service as reputable companies will give a free quote and take care of the paperwork and towing at no extra cost.

So, if your car’s rego is about to expire or it’s already way past its due, call Amazon Cash for Cars at 0422 784 920 for free car removals. We’re known to offer up to $9,000 in cash, depending on the car’s condition.