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What Can You Earn For Your Scrap Car

Selling a scrap car is difficult. Nobody wants it in its current state unless it’s a junkyard, which may be able to offer a decent amount of cash for it. But you don’t need to settle for that when you sell your car for scrap to a car removal company like us. We offer instant cash for scrap vehicles, no matter the make, model, or year, with free towing services to save you from further hassles.

With instant cash for scrap cars, you should not have to wait long and let your vehicle deteriorate further or take up space in your garage. Scrap cars also tend to become eyesores when left and parked outside. Even if yours is in bad shape and no longer running, get in touch with a car removal company that can pay top cash for it.

How much can I get if I sell my scrap car?

That’s one of the most frequently asked questions we get, and the answer depends on the condition of your vehicle. The only way to know is by requesting a quote from a reputable and licensed car removal company like us. We also recommend getting quotes from other insured and registered car removal businesses in Sydney to compare them and find the most competitive offer. Just ensure that the quoting process is free and that you won’t be obligated to sell your car to someone just because they gave you an estimate.

How to get a quote

There are two ways to get a quote when you want to sell your car for scrap. Call the car removal company and give information about your vehicle, such as its year, make, model, and other details that may be important for the company to determine your vehicle’s value. Or you can leave a message by sending the online quotation form, which most car removal companies have on their websites. They should get back to you in a few hours with a competitive quote.

Should I choose the highest offer?

You may want to immediately choose the highest cash offer when you sell your car for scrap. But before you do, take the time to verify what comes with the service. Reputable car removal companies offer free towing and paperwork for a truly hassle-free process. Moreover, they will pay the promised cash amount on the spot.

Beyond earning instant cash, selling your car for scrap comes with many other benefits: 

Stress-free removal and the highest payout

As a seller, you won’t have to call a towing company or personally bring the car to the car removal company. When you decide to sell your car for scrap, we will come to you to fetch your vehicle with our equipment. Our team will conduct a final inspection and handle the paperwork before making the payment, and then we will take your car away at no extra cost.

You can schedule car removal on the same day you call and accept the cash offer, but it can also be booked at a more convenient time, even on holidays or weekends. The service is available 24/7, so you don’t have to wait for business hours or a weekday to have your scrap car removed and earn instant cash for it. 

Reduce your environmental impact

Selling your car for scrap is not only financially rewarding. It lets you help the environment by reducing waste that goes into landfills and the pollution generated by abandoned and deteriorating cars.

When you sell your car for scrap to a licensed vehicle removal company, it will be taken care of by a professional wrecking team for careful and safe disassembly. Car removal companies pay top dollar for scrap cars because of the spare parts they can get from them. That’s how they make money while being capable of offering the highest cash value for your vehicle, no matter its make, model, or year.

Reduce waste

Car recycling is part of the services when you sell your car scrap. The process makes unwanted, damaged, broken, and old cars usable and productive by taking them apart and picking out parts that can still be reused or recycled.

The parts harvested from your scrap car could still be practical to other car owners looking to complete vehicle repairs or restoration projects quickly and cost-effectively by buying used components. Some car manufacturers may also buy recycled metals to avoid the dangers of mining and reduce their pollution from manufacturing new steel for new makes and models.

Limit your landfill contributions

Sell your car for scrap to reduce the waste that goes into landfills. Licensed, insured, and bonded car removal companies do their best to drain toxic fluids safely and get all reusable or recyclable parts and materials from your old and unwanted vehicle. Non-useful vehicle components will be crushed and sent to the landfill for proper disposal.

Ready to scrap your car and earn instant cash?

Call 0422 784 920 to sell your car scrap to Amazon Cash For Cars. You can also fill out the online form for an instant quote. We promise the highest offers of up to $9,000 for scrap cars, depending on their condition, with free removal and paperwork to avoid any hassles. We deal with all models, makes, and years, and our team can come to your place to fetch the vehicle at your desired schedule. Our car removal services are available throughout Sydney, Central Coast, Wollongong, and Newcastle.