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Top Reasons to Sell Your Scrap Car to Amazon Cash for Cars

Are you finally letting go of your beloved old car? There are generally two ways to do it. One is to donate to a charity and two is to sell to Amazon Cash for Cars, which is one of the leading car wreckers in Sydney. Both options are good. But here are the reasons why you should go for option two:

We Offer a Hassle-Free Transaction

Owners who have successfully donated their cars to charity will agree on one thing: The donation process isn’t easy. Finding the right charity, transferring ownership, completing documentation, and claiming tax deductions require a lot of time, effort, and patience. That’s why for many people, the tedious paperwork involved in donating old vehicles isn’t worth the tax benefits that they will gain. So, they choose to sell their vehicles to auto wreckers instead.

The process of selling a car to a car wrecker in Sydney is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is to call Amazon Cash for Cars on 0422 784 920. Tell us about the details of your car so we can evaluate it properly and give you a free quote. Once you accept our offer, we will go to your place, collect your car and the documents, and then give you the full payment on the spot.

Our Quotes are Instant and Free

We understand that you want to shop for car wreckers in Sydney first before choosing one. And we know that you will be comparing quotations from various vendors to look for the best deal. What we can promise is to give you an instant quotation with no obligation. You will get it right away for free as long as you give us all the details that we need to evaluate your car.

We Won’t Charge You for Towing Services

Like charity organisations, we also offer free car removal. In fact, we can tow your car anywhere you are in Sydney and surrounding regions like New Castle and Wollongong. This can mean big savings for you as some auto wrecking companies will charge you for towing fees. Others will require you to arrange for two services on your own.

We Will Handle the Paperwork for You

When you sell your scrap car to us, you don’t have to worry about the paperwork. Our friendly team will manage all of them. All you need to do is to give us the title and the registration of your vehicle. Aside from this, our company can also provide assistance on how you can get a refund from the NSW for your car. By the way, it’s not a problem if the car you are selling is no longer active or unregistered. We can still turn it into cash. We will complete the required paperwork for you.