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Top 6 Reasons To Recycle Your Car The Right Way

You’ve probably heard about cars being better off recycled the “right way,” but what exactly is this process? Unlike recycling paper or plastic, car recyclers in Sydney follow a more standardised method that requires expertise and specialised machinery. You can find out more about it below:

The Proper Process Used By Car Recyclers In Sydney

  1. Removal of engine fluids to reduce the chances of fire and prevent them from polluting the surrounding environment
  2. Removal of all useable parts, including the wheels, windshields, engine, and upholstery
  3. Shredding of the vehicle frame and separation of metals into ferrous and non-ferrous categories
  4. Transporting the metals to a new manufacturer

Why You Need To Send Your Vehicle To Legitimate Car Recyclers In Sydney?

From their initial production up to the end of their lives, cars contribute much pollution to the environment. It doesn’t help that they’re 65% metal. Fortunately, technology has made it easier for car recyclers in Sydney to make the most of vehicle scraps, and these days, automobiles are considered the most recycled consumer product.

  • Proper Disposal Of Toxic Substances

A typical junk car contains 18-40L of toxic fluids, including battery acid, antifreeze, and engine oil. You simply can’t throw them away as you would water; otherwise, these fluids will seep into the soil and kill living beings. Car recyclers will make sure to dispose of these dangerous fluids before they can contaminate the ecosystem.

  • Scrap Metal Recycling

Cars are largely made up of steel and aluminium, both of which can be recycled over and over. Doing this not only prevents manufacturers from mining for new resources, but it also saves millions of barrels of oil and water!

  • Spare Part Recycling

Even if you no longer use your car, it may have some spare parts still valuable to other drivers. Vehicle recycling salvages every component available, including batteries, transmission systems, and radiators for reuse.

  • Avoiding Landfills

Landfills are already full of waste, from the plastic bottle you used ten years ago to the Styrofoam that came with your takeout food. It’s unwise to fill them even more with rusty, massive cars that leak out toxic fluids; recycling is the only way to go.

  • Extra Garage Space

Want to free up some space on your property? Send your old vehicles to a car recycler and use your garage for a more productive purpose!

  • Extra Cash

Besides the environmental benefits, car recyclers in Sydney can also offer you a significant amount of cash. Here at Amazon Cash for Cars, we can pay up to $9000 for a vehicle, depending on its condition!

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