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The Importance Of Evaluating Your Old Vehicle

How much is your aging vehicle value? You’d be surprised at the amount of cash you can still earn even for a damaged or decommissioned hunk of junk. And if you want to get the best prices, old car removals are the way to go!

Why Should You Evaluate Your Vehicle Before Going To Old Car Removals? 

When it comes to buying or selling any product, making an informed decision can mean the difference between getting a good deal and getting ripped off. Be extra careful about getting rid of a junk car because some buyers might trick you into agreeing to a low price. To protect yourself, it’s a good idea to evaluate your vehicle before selling. Knowing the value of your vehicle can help you:

  • Obtain The Best Deals

There are three types of car buyers: dealerships, private buyers, and car removal companies.

Generally, dealers are the better option if you want convenience, especially if dealing with paperwork is not your forte. However, most dealerships offer a lower price for used vehicles. 

In contrast, private buyers tend to pay more cash even for older models. But you have to go through the hassles of advertising your car and taking care of everything, from eating potential buyers to the paperwork. 

Then, there’s the third option: old car removals. Auto removal companies are the best of both worlds, offering relatively high payouts on top of towing and paperwork services.

So which method should you choose? Aside from comparing how much they’re willing to pay for the vehicle, it’s also important to consider convenience. Car removal companies are often the best choice because they can offer instant cash for old vehicles.  

  • Avoid Scams

Beware. Many fraudsters pretend to buy cars and use a fake escrow service, making it impossible for you to withdraw the cash after the sale. Other scams to watch out for include fake payment plans, personal checks, and cashier’s checks.

How to evaluate your old vehicle

A car’s value relies on several factors, particularly its year, make, and model. But it doesn’t stop there. The value of a junk car is also affected by the current prices of scrap metal, and weight. 

That’s because a vehicle is mainly made of steel and aluminium, both of which are currently value about $1.50 per kilogram. Multiply this with the weight of your vehicle to get a rough idea of how much it might be value. 

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