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Stay Away From Middlemen And Contact Car Wreckers In Wollongong Directly!

Do you want to get rid of your old junker? Unfortunately, this task is easier said than done. You’ll likely want to hire someone else to do all the dirty work—but be careful. Going directly to a car wrecker in Wollongong is a much better alternative than enlisting the help of a middleman.

The Problem With Selling Cars Via Middlemen

Hiring an intermediary is not uncommon in business. These experts will facilitate the interaction between two parties: the seller and the buyer. 

But, like most things, middlemen come at a cost. They will charge a commission or a fee for the service, in exchange for the convenience you get when hiring them. Moreover, they will mark up the original purchase price of your car, allowing them to make cash. Because of the higher price, potential buyers could decline the sale.

If you’re willing to put in a little extra legwork, eliminating middlemen can offer significant benefits. For instance, you’ll get to sell the car at the price you want, attracting more buyers and increasing your profits.

In Addition, Cutting Off The Middleman Allows You To Transact With The Buyer In Person, Minimising Your Risk Of Falling Into These Common Scams:

  • Fake Escrows

Did you know that some people will pose as buyers when asking about your car? These fraudsters use a fake escrow service to hold cash for a purchase, only for you to end up with cash, that can’t be withdrawn. 

You can avoid this scam by meeting the buyer yourself and using a reputable escrow service you trust.

  • Payment Plans

Another popular scam you should look out for is the payment plan. This is when a buyer proposes that several small payments be made over time instead of paying for the asking price in full. 

While many buyers would ask for a payment plan to lift a personal financial burden, it’s still best to stay on your toes and insist on full payment.

  • Personal Checks

Is the buyer trying to pay for the car with a personal or cashier’s check? Be wary. They could be scamming you. Many sellers fall victim to this scheme, turning over their titles before the check clears. And once you finally realise that it’s fake, the buyer will have long cut off your connection.

Why You Should Visit Car Wreckers In Wollongong Directly

What if you don’t want to go through the hassle of selling the car yourself? If you still want to ensure the reliability of your buyer, there’s only one place to go — an established car wrecker in Wollongong.

Car wrecking companies will not only pay you excellent prices for your car, but they can also guarantee a smooth transaction. In fact, you can request to receive your payment in cash, minimising the risk of falling into fraudulent schemes.

Top car wreckers in Wollongong, like Amazon Cash for Cars will also ensure that the process is completed as fast as possible. We can pick up your car from your location free of charge, so there’s no need for you to drive across Sydney!

Contact Amazon Cash for Cars at 0422 784 920 to learn more about our services and see what we can do for you.