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Smart Recycling: The Best Way To Get A Car Removed For Free

Are you itching to get rid of your old vehicle? This task is easier said than done. You may even have to pay for towing if you want to dispose of it immediately. But don’t rush into the process. There are free ways to dump an unwanted beater. Why not check out free car removal services in Sydney? That’s right. It’s possible to get rid of an old vehicle at no cost to you.

Free Car Removal — The Most Affordable Way To Get Rid Of Your Vehicle

Anything that has the word “free” in it sounds too good to be true. The idea that you can get rid of your car without having to pay for anything might seem impossible.

But luckily for you, there are reliable car removal companies out there that can offer such a great deal because they see value even in old junk cars. In fact, aside from towing your car away for free, they can even pay you a fair price for your vehicle!

Are you curious about how this is possible? Here’s what makes old vehicles so valuable:

  • Their Make, Model, And Year

What’s the difference between a Toyota Hilux and a Mitsubishi Triton? On the surface, they’re just different brands of pick-up trucks, but experienced recyclers see something else.

It all comes down to their popularity. The Hilux has regularly made it to the list of top-selling cars in Australia for many years, so a junk Hilux may fetch a higher price from an auto recycler. That’s because more people are searching for its spare parts.

In addition, a car’s year, make, and model helps determine its market value, which ultimately dictates its junk price.

  • The Current Prices Of Scrap Metal

Nothing affects junk car prices more than scrap metal. After all, the average vehicle contains thousands of kilograms of steel and aluminium and recyclers don’t want these materials to go to waste. Currently, scrap steel is value about $2/kg in Sydney, while scrap aluminium is $1/kg.

  • The Current Demand For Spare Parts

A car’s year, make, and model can affect the demand for its spare parts; however, these are not the only factors. The quality and availability of specific components also play a significant role in their prices, which makes working engines, lights, and tyres more valuable than their damaged counterparts.

To sum things up, free car removal is possible because vehicle recyclers are continuously searching for in-demand scrap metals and spare metals. In addition, you are paid fair prices for your vehicle according to its make, model, and year.

Don’t know where to get reliable yet free car removal services in Sydney? Look no further than Amazon Cash for Cars! We are a licensed removal company that can offer you up to $9000 for a vehicle, depending on its condition.

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