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Selling Your Scrap Car Is As Simple As One Phone Call Away with Amazon Cash for Cars!

Want to sell an old clunker? You no longer have to go to different scrap yards looking for the one that can give you the best offer. Scrap car selling is much easier these days. The process is faster and less stressful, thanks to scrap car companies that are just one phone call away!

You read that right. You can sell a car for scrap with just a phone call. All you have to do is to ring up the company of your choice and give them the details of your vehicle. If you accept their offer, they will go to your place, pick-up your car, and give their payment.

Simple, isn’t it? This is how Amazon Cash for Cars does it. Just call us at 0422 784 920 to get your free quote!

We also offer another convenient way to sell car for scrap. You can visit our website and submit a quotation request by answering our online form. You will easily see it on the home page. Complete the form by providing required information, including name, contact number, email address, pickup address, year, make, model, current condition, and spare parts, if there’s any. We will send you a quote right away.

Got More Questions About Our Company? Hope This FAQ Helps. 

Can I Sell Any Kind Of Car To Your Company?

Yes, you can. Amazon Cash for Cars is one of those companies that buy all kinds of cars regardless of the model and condition. So, whether you have an old, used, damaged, wrecked, or second-hand vehicle, you can turn it into cash.

How To Get Top Dollar For My Car?

Our company can give you $9000 on the spot. However, the offer will still depend on various factors. To help you get the most cash for your car, you have to be specific when providing information. You need to give us details to make a precise and accurate quotation. You can trust that our professional staff will evaluate your car objectively and honestly.

What Are Your Payment Methods? 

Many people have been victims of frauds in the past. It happens mostly when the buyer or company pays in cheques. This is why we pay clients in cash. And we do it on the same day that we collect their cars. Nevertheless, you can also request other payment methods that you find more convenient such as bank transfer and cryptocurrency.

Do I Have To Tow My Car To Your Facility?

You don’t have to because we will collect your car from your place. We have experienced tow truck drivers who will pick up your vehicle wherever you may be in Sydney, Melbourne, and nearby regions. This service is free of charge.