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Read These 5 Tips To Make The Most Of Sydney’s Car Disposal Schemes

Is your vehicle not working like it used to? Maybe it’s time to get rid of it, and car disposal in Sydney is your best option. These services can guarantee you top cash even for an old, damaged, or junk vehicle—but not without preparation beforehand.

Five Expert Tips To Take Advantage Of Car Disposal In Sydney

  • Remove Everything Of Value

When was the last time you checked your vehicle? And by this, we mean lifting the rugs, shining a flashlight under the car seats, and feeling around for any personal possessions.

Your old cars may still contain some valuable belongings you’ve forgotten about over time, so ensure to check its hardest-to-reach places. In addition, take everything out of your glove compartment and trunk.

  • Run Out Of Gas

Having extra gas in your tank will only make the disposal process harder for your provider. So, it’s best to remove any fluids before scrapping your vehicle, leaving it with as little gas as possible.

Fortunately, doing this is easy if your car is still running. You can drive around your neighbourhood until it’s almost empty. However, if the vehicle is no longer functioning, you can siphon the remaining fluid with a plastic hose and an approved container.

  • Check The Current Scrap Metal Prices

Timing is essential when it comes to junking your vehicle. This is because scrap metal prices fluctuate over time, and you must sell the car at the highest possible value.

As of 2022, scrap steel in Sydney is valued at about $0.86 per kilogram. Meanwhile, aluminium is valued at around $4.76/kg, copper at $13.90, and brass at $10.96.

Note that several other factors can affect scrap metal prices, including supply and demand, the material’s quality, and the market price of new metals. Because of this, consider checking their values every so often.

  • Avoid Dismantling It Yourself

We get it — taking apart your vehicle and selling its components on the internet can be tempting. However, this is something you must avoid when scrapping your car. This is because you can get better prices for car disposal if its parts are intact.        

Of course, if you’ve made modifications to the car, such as a subwoofer or GPS device, you can keep them for yourself. But it’s best to leave your engine, tyres, and alternators untouched.

  • Obtain A Fixed Quote

The last and most crucial step is to find a company that will offer you a fixed, guaranteed price upon receiving your vehicle’s details. This way, you can avoid hidden fees and sudden negotiations.

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