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Old Car Removal – What Paperwork Do You Need to Sell Your Old Car?

Are you planning to scrap your old clunker? Looking for trusted local car wreckers? Consider selling it to Amazon Cash for Cars. We are a trusted auto wrecking company with vast experience in the industry. Because we are not only selling scrap metal but also recycling car parts, we are able to give our clients a higher offer than our competitions. If you want to know the value of your car, give us a call on 0422 784 920!

Selling your car to a local car wrecker involve paperwork. You may want to start preparing the documents early on for a smoother and less hassle selling process. Here’s a list to guide you:

Car Registration and Title

These documents are required as auto wrecking companies are not allowed to trade vehicles that are unidentified. This is to avoid trading stolen vehicles. Your car’s registration is proof that you have paid the necessary fees to legally drive it on public roads. It also proves that your car has been recorded by the state. Meanwhile, the title shows the name of the owner of the vehicle, including information such as make, model, year, and history. Aside from proving that the car is yours, this document also helps the auto wrecker check if the initial details you provided about your car are true. It also helps them evaluate your car.

Identification Cards

No, the local car wreckers do not need a copy of your IDs. But they will need you to present them together with the other documents for identification purposes. This way, they can check if you are really the owner of the vehicle you are selling. You should present your driver’s license and additional IDs with your photo.

Cancel Registration

After your car has been scrapped, the law requires you to cancel your registration. The rules vary per state. So, check with your local agencies to know what are papers you need to bring and the steps you must make.

Get Your Certificate of Destruction

To ensure that your vehicle has been properly scrapped and disposed of, make sure to ask for a Certificate of Destruction. However, take note that there are certain types of vehicles that are covered by the End-of-Life Vehicle Regulations. If your car isn’t covered, then you won’t get a certificate.

These are basically all the documents required to process the transfer of ownership to your auto wrecker. But what if your car isn’t registered or doesn’t have an active registration? That will be fine. Amazon Cash for Cars has a friendly staff to complete all the required paperwork for your unregistered car so you can still turn it into cash. In fact, we can also help you cancel your registration and get a refund from the NSW service.