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Junk Car Removal In Sydney — How To Get Up To $9000 In Instant Cash!

Receiving up to $9000 in cash for a scrap vehicle sounds impossible right? But what if we told you we could make it happen all in one day? Amazon Cash for Cars is a junk car removal service that pays up to $9000 depending on the condition of the vehicle.

How Junk Car Removal Services Work

You might be wondering: “How can a car removal company offer me thousands of dollars for a junk vehicle?” It does sound too good to be true. But if you understand how the auto recycling industry works, then you will see how it’s possible. Here are the basics of how we can determine your scrap car’s worth:

  • Scrap Metal Prices

The current prices of scrap metal are the most significant factors that affect your car’s overall worth. More specifically, it’s the market worth for two materials: steel and aluminium.

The average vehicle contains about 65% steel and iron by weight, which you can sell for reasonable prices. For instance, in Sydney, 1000 kg of steel will earn you around $1000!

Meanwhile, more valuable metals like the copper in radiators can sell for up to $15 per kilogram.

  • Spare Parts Prices

Another determining factor of your car’s worth is the price of spare parts or the current demand for specific components. A functional engine, for example, can still earn you thousands of dollars. Even broken spare parts can be sold for great prices. The catalytic converter is an excellent example. It’s highly sought by metal recyclers for its platinum, palladium, and rhodium content.

  • Vehicle Information 

Finally, it all comes down to what car you intend to sell to us. Each make, model, and year corresponds to an estimated market worth that you can check on Red Book Australia. Do note that most junk cars are only worth up to 20% to 40% of their used worth.

Why You Should Choose Amazon Cash For Cars

Our junk car removal services are some of the best in Sydney, but it’s not just because of our fair price offers. On top of receiving top cash, Amazon Cash for Cars can guarantee you the following during the transaction:

  • All our services are free of charge, from the car valuation to the towing
  • We will pick your car up straight from your location — just give us your most convenient time and place!
  • We make sure to dispose of your vehicle the right way, recycling all its metals and reusing every spare part
  • We are licensed to buy any type of car, including old, unwanted, damaged, and salvaged vehicles

Are you ready to make up to $9000 with your old beater? Call us today at 0422 784 920 to obtain your quote!