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Is It Possible For Me To Sell My Automobile Without Wheels For Scrap?

You may be asking yourself: Would anyone still be willing to buy a vehicle without wheels?  Can I sell my car for scrap without tyres? The answer is yes—and the selling process is easier than you think. Here’s everything you need to know to get started.

Selling My Car For Scrap101

The best scrap car removal companies will buy your vehicle for a fair price, even if it’s missing a few parts! How is this possible? It’s because these auto recycling companies know that your car still contains plenty of valuable components even if it doesn’t have tyres. They will pay for the following vehicle parts:

  • Engine

The engine is one of the most vital parts of a vehicle and is sought after by mechanics, remanufacturers, and other car owners who want to restore old cars.Plus, even if your engine is no longer working, it can still sell for an excellent price!Many scrappers will salvage it for aluminium parts, resulting in a win-win situation for both you and them.

  • Transmission System

The transmission plays a large role in your vehicle’s functionality. But unfortunately, this also means that a malfunctioning transmission will result in an inoperable car. It’s also very costly to replace this system, so car owners are always looking for more affordable alternatives.

  • Catalytic Converter

Cars are notorious for releasing toxic gases into the air, and the catalytic converter is responsible for minimising their harmful impacts. This device uses precious metals such as palladium, platinum, and rhodium to convert noxious substances, making it astonishingly valuable.

However, catalytic converters are also prone to theft because of their profitability. So before you can give criminals a chance to steal your own, make sure to visit a removal company.

  • Scrap Metals

You’ll notice that most of the parts on this list are highly valuable, thanks to their composition. They all contain a significant amount of metal, which can only mean one thing: Your vehicle’s metal frame is also highly profitable.

This is because scrap metal is widely sought after by manufacturers, minimising the costs of buying freshly mined metal. But that’s not the only benefit of recycling scrap metals. For one, using scrap steel instead of processing new iron ore is less invasive to the environment. It helps conserve energy and natural resources, preserving the natural landscape and protecting wildlife!

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