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How Your Old Car Removal Can Help You When Sydney’s Economy Collapses!

Sydney’s economy is thriving, even recognised as Australia’s only global city. It’s not showing signs of slowing down anytime soon. That said, one can never be too sure. And if you want to secure your finances just in case, old car removal services might be able to help!

How Can Old Car Removal Services Help You Financially?

Many dealerships are willing to take in used cars, and you can even trade yours in for a brand-new model. In addition, some private buyers are searching far and wide for second-hand units, offering a much higher payout than dealers.

But what if your vehicle is beyond fixing? Not many buyers would be eager enough to offer a reasonable price for it, and the cost of repairs might turn your profit into a loss. If that’s the case, old car removal is your most reliable option.

Car Removal Companies Will Readily Pay Cash For Any Vehicle, Regardless Of Its Condition. Three Factors Must Be Considered For You To Get A Fair Price:

  • Year, Make, And Model

You most likely already know your car from inside and out, including its basic history. Luckily, your vehicle’s year, make, and model will help determine its current market value, and you can look it up via car valuation sites like Red Book Australia.

For instance, according to Red Book, a 2010 BMW 1 Series is value around $14,800, while a 2006 Nissan Patrol starts at $9,100.

  • Scrap Metal Prices

Scrap metal prices are some of the most crucial factors that determine the value of your car. This includes common materials such as aluminium and steel, which make up about 60% of a vehicle.

Another thing to note is that scrap metal prices vary according to quality, time of year, location, and supply and demand. For example, in Sydney, 1 kg of steel is value about $1.50. So if your car contains 1088 kg of steel, you can multiply the price of steel by 1088 to get an estimate of how much your car might be value.

  • Weight

Finally, most car removal companies will measure the weight of your vehicle. Generally, the heavier it is, the more cash you can earn. This is because valuable parts such as wheels, batteries, and engines are still intact, allowing providers to reuse them.

For that reason, you’ll want to refrain from removing any parts from your old car.

Additionally, some vehicle removal services will factor in your location when calculating the vehicle’s price. So, if you want to earn more cash, look for companies operating in your area!

Are you looking for an old car removal company that can give you the best prices in Sydney? Consider contacting us at Amazon Cash for Cars, a licensed service provider offering up to $9000 for junk vehicles.

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