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How To Sell Your Car To Wreckers

A damaged, unwanted, or wrecked car is not worth fixing or keeping, especially if it makes you waste more money and time. Instead of letting it deteriorate or take up space in your garage, we recommend that you sell your car to wreckers as soon as you can.

But don’t just pick any wrecker that comes to mind. Look for a licensed, insured, and bonded car removal company with professional wrecking facilities for an all-in-one solution that takes the hassle out of scrapping the vehicle. Car removal companies also pay top dollar for the vehicle regardless of the make, model, or year. That beats bringing your car to a typical junkyard or wrecker, especially if you’re looking to make some extra cash instantly.

Why sell to car removal companies?

An experienced and reputable car removal company will take care of everything, including the wrecking, recycling, and disposal, with services like free pick up, paperwork, and towing. Its service takes the guesswork out of scrapping your car in Sydney. When you choose its service, you are guaranteed the highest cash value that will be paid instantly on the day of the pickup. The car removal company also ensures proper disposal in the greenest possible way that helps reduce pollution and your environmental impact.

Here are things to consider before you sell your car to wreckers: 

Prepare the details

You will need to give relevant information about your vehicle to the car removal company to get the most competitive quote. Car wreckers will want to know the make, model, year and overall condition. Make sure your car’s title or registration is ready, too, so they can take care of the paperwork on your behalf when you sell your car to wreckers.

Get an estimate in writing.

Look for at least two car removal companies and get a quote from them by calling or filling out the online form. A team of expert valuators will examine the details you’ll provide about your car and try to give the highest and most competitive offer. See if one company can match the offers of their competitor.

Compare offers

Wait until you get several offers before deciding to sell your car to wreckers. Consider the best, most competitive offers and once you’re ready, call the wrecker to let them know that you will sell your car to them. They will schedule the pickup and ask for more details for the paperwork.

Car removal companies won’t expect you to drive your car or ask a towing company to bring your vehicle to them. They will come to you with their towing equipment to take care of that. be sure the pickup service is free, and there is no surprise costs when they come to fetch your car.

Prepare your vehicle for pickup.

Remove all personal belongings from your car. Be sure to thoroughly look into your vehicle to avoid forgetting anything, as there’s no guarantee that your belongings will return once the car is with the wrecker. Don’t forget to remove any third-party tech you installed, such as backup cameras and GPS units.

Meet the wreckers

The car removal company will come to you at an agreed time and place. The professional team will inspect your vehicle and pay the promised cash amount before they tow it away. Some wreckers can pay in Bitcoin, issue a cheque, or deposit the cash in your bank account. Just  inform them in advance about how you want to get paid. You should receive the payment instantly when you sell your car to wreckers.

What happens to your car?

Your car will be sent to the car removal company’s professional wrecking facility for the careful dismantling of spare parts that can still be used or recycled. A skilled team will safely dispose of fluids and chemicals to prevent them from off-gassing or going into the soil or groundwater.

Spare parts are collected and sold to other car owners who may need them for repairs or vehicle restoration projects. These are sold at a lower price, so if you find yourself needing some parts for another vehicle, be sure to check out the inventory of wreckers to save time and money. You might find what you need, and you won’t have to wait long to complete your vehicle repairs.

As for the non-recyclable or non-useful components, these will be crushed for proper landfill disposal. When you sell car to wreckers, you can reduce waste, encourage recycling efforts, and help other vehicle owners find the spare parts they need.

Can I sell an unregistered car?

Sometimes, a car may be badly damaged, so it gets stored in your garage and is left to deteriorate because it’s expensive to repair. As a result, its rego may have expired, and you failed to renew it for years. It’s possible to sell an unregistered car to wreckers for top cash. The process is similar to selling a registered car. So, give them a call, and the friendly staff will provide the details you need, including a free, instant quote.

Sell your car to us!

When you’re ready to sell your car to wreckers, call Amazon Cash For Cars at 0422 784 920 or fill out our online form for an instant quote. We promise the highest offers of up to $9,000 for unwanted, old, damaged, and wrecked cars, depending on their condition. We offer free pickup and paperwork, and our qualified team will also handle the dismantling and recycling.