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How Can I Get More Cash for Damaged Car in Sydney?

If you are going to sell your beloved old car, you might as well ensure that you will be paid good money for it. Many scrap yards are willing to pay cash for damaged cars in Sydney—but not all of them are guaranteed to provide you with the best deal. To improve your chances of earning more money out of your vehicle, do these:

  1. Compare Offers of Different Companies

Many companies will claim that they are giving the highest offers for scrap and old vehicles. To know which one pays good cash for damaged cars in Sydney, you need to compare offers. Look for trusted companies in your area and request quotes for your vehicle. They will usually ask for the make, model, year, current condition, and other details about your car to provide a rough estimate of its selling price.

How Can I Get More Cash for Damaged Car in Sydney?

  1. Get Free Quotes

Before sending requests to different scrap companies, check if they are going to give it for free. Quotes may be cheap at first glance, but they add up to your expenses, especially if you are getting quotes from multiple companies. If you are getting free quotes, then you are going to save a lot.

  1. Look Up Your Car’s Red Book Value

Roadworthy cars sell at much higher prices than wrecked vehicles, of course. If your car is damaged and is no longer safe to drive, you have to be realistic and expect to be paid much less. Be honest and precise about your vehicle’s condition when you use Red Book. Note the extent of wreckage and other such factors. Also take note of any parts that are still working correctly and can fetch a few extra dollars, such as:

  • Tires and rims
  • Wiper arms
  • Bumpers
  • Electrical Parts
  • Doors, Windows, and Mirrors
  • Battery
  • GPS System
  • Catalytic Converters
  1. Find Wreckers That Offer Free Towing Services

Most car removal services charge people a pretty penny to tow old cars and take them to their scrap yard sites. But there are a few companies that do not charge you anything at all. They give the payment in full and in cash without hidden charges then collect your car from your garage.

  1. Sell Your Damaged Car for Bitcoin

If you have a Bitcoin account, you will probably be aware of its many advantages, such as easy and fast payments and low transaction fees. Many people think that getting Bitcoins instead of cash for damaged cars in Sydney can earn them more money, and it’s certainly worth exploring.

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