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Find Out The Difference Between Junk Cars And Salvage Cars?

Local junk car removal and salvage car removal are often used interchangeably by a lot of people. But these services are actually different from each other. You need to know which category your car belongs to in order, especially if you are planning on selling it.

So, what are the difference between junk and salvage cars?


Both junk cars and salvage cars are can no longer be driven on the road. But this is where their similarities end. Junk cars are of no better use than for scrap. Vehicles that have met serious and devastating accidents and fire are usually classified as junk cars. Their value will be based on scrap metal and other traceable parts such as tires and rims. In most cases, local junk car removal companies wreck vehicles and weigh them to determine their value.

Salvage cars usually have issues with the body and image. They can still move and their mechanics are still functioning. Vehicles with salvage titles are deemed unsafe and un-roadworthy by insurance companies. Thus, they are recommended to be taken off the road. However, they can still be repaired so they can go back on the road. When they are perfectly restored, they will be given a new title and registration called A Prior Salvage title or Rebuilt Title.

Nevertheless, not all salvage cars are repaired. People call for salvage car removal when the cost of repairing their salvage cars is too expensive.


Junk cars offer nothing but their metal and steel. Meanwhile, salvage cars still have wheels intact, working batteries, and many parts in good condition. Hence, the huge price difference between junk cars and salvage. If your vehicle has a salvage title, then make sure to find a company that will evaluate it accordingly. Don’t go to a local junk car removal for they may evaluate your car by the weight of its scrap metal components.

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