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Factors That Influence Old Car Buyers Worth

Before looking for old car buyers in Sydney, it’s a good idea to do some research on the current worth of your vehicle.

Determining the worth of a car is quite a tricky task. You can’t be 100% sure that you will get accurate results. Also, old car buyers in Sydney may have preferences in terms of car models and types, too. Still, this step is important. By getting at least a rough estimate of how much your car is worth, you can better choose the right buyer, avoid getting ripped off, and make a more informed decision.

The Following Are The Most Common Factors That Influence The Worth Of Old Cars. 

Accident History 

If your car has been involved in an accident before, then that means some of its parts have been replaced during repair. Those parts are no longer original, and this detracts from the car’s worth. Aside from this, your vehicle’s accident history also reveals if your old car has existing issues and more likely has plenty of parts that can’t be recycled and reused anymore.

Odometer Reading

Like its accident history, its odometer reading can also reveal a lot about a car. This reading reflects the extent of wear and tear. The higher the odometer reading, the more issues a car has, the lower its worth.

Spare Parts 

Are you selling a junk car or a salvage car? What’s the difference between the two? Both junk cars and salvage cars are no longer drivable. However, junk cars are already beyond repair. The best thing to do is to scrap them. In contrast, salvage cars still have functioning parts. Vehicles with salvage titles can still go back on the road if repaired. When restored, they can be given a new title and registration called A Prior Salvage title or Rebuilt Title.

Junk cars have no spare parts to be recycled. Therefore, their worth is lower than salvage vehicles. If your car has an engine, transistors, and other parts that auto wreckers can sell in the market for used spare parts, then they can give you a higher offer.

Scrap Metal Worth 

Junk car or not, your vehicle will be evaluated based on its scrap metal worth. The buyer will have to get its weight in tons and multiply it by the current price of scrap metal. The scrap metal worth of your car is the biggest factor that influences its price. That’s because cars have plenty of highly recyclable metal components.


These are the three most basic pieces of information that buyers will want to know. The general rule is this: The older your car, the lower its price unless it’s a vintage model.

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