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Experience the Holden Wrecking of Vehicles in Sydney

If you no longer need your old cars, the best place to send them off is to a Holden wrecker in Sydney. This way, they can be disposed of properly, and their parts and materials aren’t put to waste.

But how do Holden wreckers in Sydney work? Here is an in-depth look into the vehicle wrecking process:

  • Depollution

Every car wrecking process starts with de-pollution. Vehicles contain several types of fluids, each with a different purpose. For instance, engine oil is necessary to lubricate and cool the engine, while brake fluid provides hydraulic pressure to the braking system.

But when your car is no longer needed, there’s no use for these fluids. And unfortunately, allowing them to leak from your vehicle is only a danger to the environment—these substances can destroy the soil and pollute water. As a result, wreckers must dispose of them properly to minimise damage to the surroundings.

  • Dismantling

Cars don’t become useless the moment they stop working. Your old Holden may still have parts that can be repaired and reused, and it’s a wrecker’s job to recover these components.

During dismantling, wrecking experts will take your car apart in search of reusable parts, including the engine, axles, seats, and stereo system.

  • Crushing and shredding

Once the wreckers are sure that there is no longer any reusable part in your car, they will prepare it for crushing and shredding. This step allows them to process the vehicle’s metals more efficiently, separating scrap steel and aluminium.

  • Mixing metals

After the scrap steel and aluminium have been salvaged from your car, a wrecker will mix them with other metals. This step is necessary to strengthen the materials and preparethem for use in manufacturing.

Meanwhile, other materials, such as plastic, rubber, glass, and wood, will be recovered from your car and sent to landfills as “auto-fluff.”

Upon the completion of the car wrecking process, the recovered scrap metals will be sent to vehicle manufacturers for use in new vehicles. At the same time, your car’s spare parts are sold to other car owners or sent to remanufacturers for repair.

Wrecking is the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of a vehicle. If you care about the earth, Holden wreckers in Sydney should be the first people you call when you need to get rid of an old, unwanted, or damaged car. And luckily, you don’t have to spend hours searching for a reliable company. Amazon Cash for Cars has everything you need.

We are a licensed wrecking company accepting cars of any make and model, including Holdens, Toyotas, Hondas, and more. You can contact us at 0422 784 920 to schedule a free pick-up service and earn up to $9000 on the spot, depending on your vehicle’s condition.