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Cash For Old Cars — Sydney’s Best Car Disposal Services

Want reliable ways to get rid of a rusty old vehicle? You don’t have to go to the dealership this time, nor should you break your back trying to find a private buyer. Instead, you can save more time and earn more money with cash for old car services in Sydney!

How Cash For Old Cars Services In Sydney Work

Cash for car companies work similar to dealerships, buying your old vehicles in exchange for cash. 

But rather than relying on your vehicle’s model and condition to make an offer, cash for old cars companies consider numerous factors:

  • Vehicle Make, Model, And Year

Of course, a car’s make and model play a significant role in its current value and its age. This is because its market value can change depending on the year and its popularity. 

Take, for instance, a Toyota Hilux. As of 2021, it is the best-selling vehicle in Australia, with over 50,000 sales, in the country. This popularity makes it highly sought-after by dealers and scrappers alike. 

In relation to this, a less popular vehicle like the Mitsubishi Triton will also be less valuable. Moreover, luxury vehicles such as the Audi A8 and BMW 7 Series might sell for less money due to the lack of demand for parts.

  • Current Prices Of Scrap Metal

One of the main differences between dealerships and disposal companies is that the latter will consider the current prices of scrap metals. This is since they “wreck” the vehicles instead of selling them for use, allowing manufacturers to reuse recycled metals. 

It’s best to remember that scrap metal prices change depending on several factors. For instance, stainless steel and aluminium are currently valued at $1 to $1.50, while copper is valued $6 to $8.

Generally, the higher price of scrap copper is due to its rarity and high demand. In addition, its value can be affected by quality, amount, time of year, and the market prices of newly mined metals. 

  • Current Demand For Parts 

As previously mentioned, a common vehicle will be more valuable at the scrapyard than a rare luxury car. This is because car disposal companies will dismantle a vehicle for parts, reselling spare components for a more affordable price. 

Because of this, the more intact your vehicle is, the better its price will be. For instance, the engine and transmission system, catalytic converter, fenders, batteries, and wheels are all widely sought-after by spare parts buyers.

What happens to your vehicle after sending it to a car removal company? First, your car must be rid of all its fluids, including the engine oil, gas, and antifreeze, to prevent them from leaking into the soil. 

Then, leading disposal service providers will dismantle it and recycle every part, selling recovered components to remanufacturers and sending scrap metals to different factories. In fact, your 12-year-old Toyota could become a brand-new car in the future. 

The Benefits Of Cash For Old Cars Services

  • Hassle-Free Services

There’s no doubt that selling your car to a wrecker instead of looking for private buyers is more time and cost-saving. A reliable cash for old cars company will take care of the entire process, picking up the vehicle from your location and paying you on the spot. 

This way, you can avoid meeting several unsure buyers and negotiating for an acceptable price. 

  • Environmentally Friendly Practices

One little-known benefit of car disposal is its environmental friendliness. Every bit of your vehicle goes to responsible hands, ensuring that no piece of metal or a spare part gets left behind. 

Generally, this prevents the manufacturing industry from destroying habitats due to mining, minimises waste caused by toxic fluids and plastic parts, and conserves the energy needed to manufacture new vehicles.

  • Excellent Value For Money

Car disposal is fast, hassle-free, and best of all, reliable. A leading provider can offer you up to $9000, depending on the state of your vehicle, without added costs for pickup and dismantling.

As a result, you earn more money from the sale, and you can also save a lot of cash during the transaction. In comparison, selling your vehicle to a private buyer requires a little investment because you have to schedule several meet ups and find creative ways to advertise the product. 

Finding The Best Cash For Old Cars Companies In Sydney

What’s superb about cash for cars services is that they’re highly accessible, and you can find several around Australia.

However, experts suggest that you go for a company based in your area — so if you live in Sydney, search for wreckers established in the city. This is because companies in other states may charge you extra for the pick-up and towing of your vehicle.

Moreover, you must learn more about a company’s background before calling for their services. For example, visit their website and check their reviews, ensuring that the company will buy cars of any make, model, and year.

A reliable car removal company will have years of experience in the field, guaranteeing top-quality services and eco-friendly practices for every single customer. 

Fortunately for you, there’s no need to look too far. Amazon Cash for Cars is a reputed cash for old cars provider in Sydney, offering seamless removal services for free. We can pick up your vehicle from anywhere in the city and offer a fair price according to its condition.

Give Amazon Cash for Cars a call at 0422 784 920 to learn more about our services!