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Car Removal Burwood: Things To Do If You Have A Smashed Car

Do you have a smashed car just sitting in your garage? Not only is it wasting space; it’s also making your garage unsafe. Your vehicle may be leaking out harmful chemicals that can end up in your home. It’s prudent to sell it to a company that specialises in car removal in Burwood as soon as possible!

What To Do With Your Smashed Car

If your car only has minimal damage, great; maybe you still have a chance at saving it. Bring it to a local repair shop and ask your mechanic if using the vehicle is still possible.

But what if the state of your car puts the definition of “smashed” to shame? Trying to get it repaired will only cost thousands of dollars. And even if you do manage to get it fixed, it might not be safe to drive anymore. Selling it to a company that knows how to recycle it is often the best option.

While you can try to sell your damaged car to a dealer, you will probably just waste time trying to find one that is willing to pay good cash for it. Vehicles with frame damage often sell for a significantly lower trade-in worth.

Some private buyers may also be willing to buy a damaged car, but as the seller, you are responsible for informing them about any accident history. Expect to get a low offer, too. Not many buyers are interested in vehicles that have been in a major accident.

In the end, your best and most reliable option is to find companies that offer car removal in Burwood.

The Benefits Of Opting For Car Removal In Burwood

One great thing about car removal services is that they will accept any vehicle, regardless of its condition. This is because we aren’t planning on using the car on the road. Instead, we will need its parts for reuse and recycling.

For instance, we at Amazon Cash for Cars will accept anything from decommissioned to smashed and junk cars, whether they’re sedans, SUVs, or trucks. As a car removal company, we will completely dismantle your vehicle and recover its parts using the following processes:

  1. Tyre and wheel removal
  2. Catalytic converter removal
  3. Car battery removal
  4. Vehicle fluid drainage
  5. Electronic component removal
  6. Engine and transmission system removal
  7. Hazardous materials disposal
  8. Car shell processing

In addition to taking the smashed car off your hands, we will pay you a fair price of up to $9000 after inspection. You don’t even need to spend a single cent. All of our services, including towing, are free. Call us now at 0422 784 920 and see what else we can do for you!