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At Newcastle, You May Earn Cash For Scrapping An Old Car Of Any Make, Model, Or Condition!

Cars aren’t meant to last forever. And if it’s finally time to get rid of your old vehicle, you’ll need to give it a proper send-off. Earn top cash for old cars in Newcastle! It’s a win-win deal for you and your old vehicle.

The Benefits Of Cash For Old Cars In Newcastle

If you want to earn a few thousand dollars for your old vehicle, then it’s time to contact cash for car companies in Newcastle! Unlike private buyers or dealerships, these auto recycling companies can provide the following services to make the process so much easier and much more convenient for you:

  • Take Care Of The Paperwork

Unfortunately, dealing with paperwork is one of the most time-consuming tasks when selling a vehicle. For example, in New South Wales, you’ll need to submit a notice of disposal to the authorities. If you don’t, you’ll be held liable for the new owner’s driving offences and behaviour.

But before submitting the notice, you’ll have to prepare a few things, including your registration plate number, driver’s licence, sale date and price, and the new owner’s details. Then, once you’ve completed the process, the buyer will have to transfer the vehicle’s registration.

You don’t have to deal with this process when you sell to a car removal company. Instead, they’ll take care of the paperwork for free, ensuring the utmost convenience!

  • Remove Your Car For Free

Private buyers are notorious for making the car selling task incredibly tiring. They will expect you to make time in your day for a test drive (sometimes several). They also want you to hand them over a clean and newly washed vehicle.

Of course, this is your responsibility as a seller, but it can still cost you much time, energy, and sometimes even cash. Thankfully, top car removal companies in Newcastle offer their services for free, including the valuation, pick-up, and recycling!

  • Recycle Your Vehicle

One aspect that’s unique to vehicle removal is the recycling process. Unlike dealerships and private buyers, these companies don’t purchase your car to use it on the road. Instead, they will take it apart, recover its useable spare parts, and recycle the remaining scrap metals.

And the best thing about recycling cars is that it doesn’t just benefit you! The process is also helpful towards the environment, minimising pollution, conserving energy and natural resources, and slowing landfill growth!

Itching To Earn Cash For Old Cars In Newcastle? Just Follow These Steps, And You’ll Be Up To $9000 Richer, Depending On The Condition Of Your Vehicle:

  • Call Amazon Cash for Cars at 0422 784 920.
  • Provide your vehicle’s year, make, and model for us to give you an instant quote.
  • Schedule your free pick-up.

Wait for our expert towers to arrive at your location and receive your cash on the spot.