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Are You Looking To Make Extra Cash From Scrap Car Removal In Sydney?

A car is not an investment. Its value eventually depreciates, unless it’s a highly collectable model. But don’t worry. It’s still possible to sell your vehicle for a reasonable price despite its age or condition. Do you have an old car that’s too damaged and too expensive to repair? Then it’s time to contact a car scrapper in Sydney to take it off your hands. This is a great way to free up some space in your garage while making cash.

Vehicle scrappers pick up your old cars from your location, taking them to their facilities for further processing. Then, each vehicle will undergo recycling—a procedure that involves toxic fluid disposal, spare parts dismantling, and scrap metal recovery.

But How Will You Be Able To Earn Cash From These Services? Here’s How A Car Scrapper In Sydney Will Determine The Value Of Your Vehicle:

  • Checking Your Car’s Current Market Value

A junk vehicle is valued at 20% to 40% of its used price, determined by the year, make, and model. So, for example, a 2010 Honda Civic will have a different price than a much newer 2016 model. In addition, you can’t expect either vehicle to have the same value as an SUV or a Ute.

You can estimate your vehicle’s market value before going to a scrap removal company. Platforms such as Red Book Australia and Cars Guide Australia offer free online valuation with a comprehensive list of vehicles and specs. A car scrapper will likely pay you 20% to 40% of its current market value or used price.

  • Considering The Current Price Of Scrap Metals

Scrap metal prices are some of the most determining factors of your vehicle’s value. This is because the average car contains 1000 kg of steel, 130 kg of aluminium, and several other metals.

But understanding scrap metal prices is quite tricky. They are affected by quality, demand, and time of year, plus the state of international trade. Timing is crucial for selling scrap metal, so ensure you check Scrap Metal Sydney’s website now and then.

  • Verifying The Availability Of Spare Parts

Last but not least, car removal companies will also consider the condition of your vehicle and its spare parts. For instance, does your car’s engine still work, or is it no longer repairable? In addition, are your wheels and tyres, doors, and windows still intact?

If your vehicle contains spare components in high demand, you can expect to earn some good prices. However, you shouldn’t worry if the car is totally wrecked. Your engine, catalytic converter, and transmission system; can still be scrapped for metal parts.

Ultimately, top car scrappers in Sydney can offer you up to $9000 — depending on your vehicle’s condition. You can save more cash by choosing a reliable provider that doesn’t charge extra for their services or has hidden fees, such as Amazon Cash for Cars.

You can contact us at 0422 784 920 to learn more about our services and obtain an instant quote according to your car’s year, make, and model. In addition, we offer free pick-up solutions across Sydney for your convenience.