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Amazon Cash for Cars Scrap Yard In Sydney Explains The Car Scrapping Process

What happens after you’ve sent your vehicle to a car scrap yard in Sydney?  If you’re not aware of the entire process and would like to learn more, this guide has everything you need to know.

How Car Scrap Yards In Sydney Take Care Of Your Vehicle?

There’s another term for car scrapping that may seem more familiar to you: recycling. That’s right. Removing your vehicle is essentially recycling it, preventing it from polluting the environment.

Here Is A More In-Depth Look Into The Process:

  • Depollution

Regardless of the car removal company, the recycling process always starts with depollution. This step involves the disposal of all the vehicle’s fluids, including its engine oil, gasoline, coolant, and battery acid.

Failure to complete this step will allow the liquids to escape into the soil, possibly polluting the ocean and harming living organisms. In addition, depollution enables us to filter and reuse gas and oil.

  • Dismantling

Next, the junk vehicle must undergo dismantling. All its reusable parts are removed, including its engine, stereo system, wheels, and seats.

Where do these parts go? If they’re still reusable, the removal company will clean and prepare them for sale. Meanwhile, a broken engine can still be scrapped for aluminium and steel.

  • Crushing, Shredding, And Resource Recovery

Speaking of metals, we now proceed to the third step, which is crushing the car’s shell. This prepares it for shredding, where the vehicle is broken into scrap steel and aluminium for further recycling.

In addition, these scraps are combined with other metals to strengthen them. Meanwhile, auto shredder residue (ASR) like plastic, wood, and glass are separated and disposed of properly.

  • Transport

Finally, the scrap metal will be sent to different factories. This final step allows manufacturers to use recycled materials for brand-new car frames, keeping costs low.

The Benefits Of Scrapping Your Vehicle

Why should you go to a car scrap yard in Sydney in the first place? The answer is simple: recycling a vehicle is better for the environment than throwing it away.

For example, car recycling prevents tons of glass, plastics, rubbers, and metals from taking up much-needed space in landfills. Additionally, it helps manufacturers avoid mining for new resources, which consumes a lot of energy and releases tons of carbon dioxide into the air.

Do you want to play a role in saving the environment? Send your vehicle to our car scrap yard in Sydney now! Amazon Cash for Cars’ removal services are top-notch, and you can get rid of your old junkers once you complete the following:

  1. Call us at 0422 784 920
  2. Provide your vehicle’s details and obtain an instant quote
  3. Schedule your pick-up and wait for our towers to arrive at your location

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