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Amazon Cash for Cars Is Introducing A Quick And Free Unwanted Car Removal Service!

Getting rid of a car is not as simple as throwing it out during rubbish collection day. There’s only one right way to say goodbye to your old vehicles, and that’s to call Amazon Cash for Cars for unwanted car removal in Sydney!

Three Environmental Benefits Of Unwanted Car Removal In Sydney

Unsurprisingly, the transport sector is one of the most significant contributors to global pollution. Cars consume most of the world’s petroleum, releasing tons of greenhouse gases into the air.

But that’s not all. All vehicles use tons of energy starting from when they are manufactured. The production process consumes large amounts of steel, rubber, glass, and plastic.

Luckily, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Vehicles are also one of the most recycled products worldwide. And all this recycling is done by auto wreckers that offer unwanted car removal in Sydney!

Our Recycling Process At Amazon Cash for Cars Helps Achieve The Following:

  • Reclamation Of Scrap Metals

What’s unique about metals is that they are infinitely recyclable. This means that they can be used repeatedly without losing quality. Cars are an excellent source of scrap metal, consisting of 65% iron and steel by weight. By recycling a single ton of steel, we save1,100kg of iron ore, 635kg of coal, and 50 kg of limestone.

  • Proper Disposal Of Toxic Substances

Cars are heavily reliant on their fluids, such as engine oil and coolant. However, these substances are toxic. They can’t be disposed of carelessly because they may harm plants and animals. This is why we make sure to handle these dangerous fluids with the utmost care, preventing them from leaking into the soil and causing health problems.

  • Reuse Of Spare Parts

No matter how old a vehicle is, it may still have some components that can be put to good use. The engine, for instance, can still be rebuilt and sold as cheaper alternatives to brand-new replacements. Even if it’s no longer in working condition, an engine can still be scrapped for aluminium.

We will check your car for every recyclable part, ensuring they are put to good use.

What Can You Expect From Our Unwanted Car Removal In Sydney?

Besides our eco-friendly recycling services, Amazon Cash for Cars also guarantees that you receive the highest quality car removal possible. We offer free towing straight from your location, instant quotes, and up to $9000 in cash.

On top of that, we’ll accept any vehicle, regardless of its condition. This means everything from an unwanted Ford SUV to a damaged Toyota sedan! Don’t hesitate to sell your cars today by calling us at 0422 784 920!