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7 Things To Know When Booking Vehicle Removal In Sydney

When your car is no longer driveable and shows a lot of signs of wear and tear, the next thing to do is to book a vehicle removal. This service allows you to trade with a scrap company or auto wrecker. They will get rid of your car and even pay you for it. But before you choose a vehicle removal company; be sure to think about these seven things:

  1. Worth Of Your Vehicle

The first thing to do is to determine the current worth of your vehicle. A rough estimate will suffice. It’s important to have a general idea of how much your car (given its current condition) is worth so that you can better assess the offers you will get from different car removal companies.

  1. Current Price Of Scrap Metal

Here’s another way to estimate the worth of your car: Multiply its weight by the current price of the scrap metal. Why scrap metal? Because that is the biggest factor that companies consider when evaluating old cars. The prices change regularly, so if you sell at the right time, you will get more cash.

  1. Experience Of The Car Removal Company

How long has the company been in the car removal business? This is an important question to ask before booking a vehicle removal. You want to ensure that the company has a significant amount of experience and expertise in the auto wrecking industry. That’s because those that have been operating for decades tend to deal with clients more professionally and transparently. They won’t exist for that long if they haven’t gained the trust of their clients.

  1. Models Of Cars They Buy

Take note that not all car removal companies accept all types of vehicles. Some of them have preferences. Find out what make or brand of vehicles they usually buy before booking a car removal service. You will usually find this information on their website.

  1. Extra Charges

Some companies charge for the cost of labour, towing, and paperwork processing. Prices vary for these services, so it’s always wise to ask about the extra charges before booking with any company.

You may be asking: Is there any vehicle removal that offers free services? Fortunately, yes, and one of them is Amazon Cash for Cars! No need to worry about towing fees because we will collect the car from your yard for free. In fact, we can also process your papers without any charges. Also, we won’t deduct anything from your cash payment.

Do you have an NSW registered vehicle? If yes, we will inform NSW that you have sold your vehicle to us. We’ll even help you get a refund. Ready to book a vehicle removal? Just dial 0422 784 920!