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3 Easy Ways to Sell My Car for Cash in Sydney

That unwanted, run-down car in your garage will stay there until you get rid of it. Instead of leaving it to a scrap yard or abandoning it somewhere, you might want to sell it for cash. If you look up ‘how to sell my car for cash’, you will likely find many ideas online. Some of them will be easy, and some may be complex and time-consuming, without any guarantee that you can sell your vehicle immediately. Of course, you will want to go the easy way, and that means calling a car removal service like Amazon Cash for Cars to buy it from you.

Why not sell your car the traditional way?

You will often need to make sure that the car is in good condition if you put it up for sale in the traditional marketplace. That means you will have to spend time and money getting it fixed so that you can sell it at a fair price. But that’s not all, as you’d have to handle all the paperwork by yourself.

Wouldn’t it be better if you Google ‘sell my car for cash’ and find an easy way out? Amazon Cash for Cars can take care of that for you. We won’t just spare you from all that hassle, but we’ll also pay up to $9,000 for your vehicle.

Cash for Cars

Here are three ways to sell your car to us:

  1. Reach out – Call or request a quote online. Besides giving your contact details, we will need the make, model, year, and other information (i.e., its condition, battery status, etc.). Remember to take pictures of your car to show to us.
  2. Approve the quote – If you like our selection, we can pick up your car on the same day and pay you when we tow it.
  3. Sit back and forget about your car – Prepare all the necessary documents related to your vehicle so you can give them to us. We can pay in cash, cheque, bank transfer, as well as Bitcoins. Just tell us how you want to be paid.

You will find it easy to sell my car for cash when entrusting it to a fully licensed car removal and wrecking company like us. We offer Sydney-wide car removal at no extra cost. Call 0422-784-920 or use the form in our website for a free quote and if you like our proposal, schedule the pick-up, and we’ll be there to pick up your car and pay on the spot. We buy all kinds of vehicles, even 4WDs, vans, trucks, and more, no matter their condition, make, or model.

With Amazon Cash for Cars, you can avoid lengthy paperwork and get paid up to $9,000 in cash when you get rid of your car today.