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Top Reasons to Recycle Your Old Cars on the Central Coast

Not many people know that junk vehicles significantly impact the environment, even if they’ve reached the end of their lives. These machines can release harmful gases into the atmosphere and contaminate soil and groundwater. On top of that, they take up to 500 years to fully decompose. But, don’t worry, you can avoid this and earn cash for old cars on the Central Coast.

How cash for old cars on the Central Coast works

Car removal companies are licensed to remove vehicles and conduct a highly regulated recycling process. Once a car has been picked up from your location, it will undergo the following steps:

  • Depollution

Before the car recycling process can officially start, the vehicle must undergo depollution. This step involves removing all fluids from its internal parts, including the gasoline, engine oil, brake fluid, and coolant.

This process is necessary to prevent harmful substances from leaking into the soil and groundwater, making the rest of the recycling more environmentally friendly.

  • Dismantling

After your car is free of toxic fluids, the recycler will then dismantle the machine. In this step, all of your vehicle’s parts are removed, including its engine, transmission system, wheels and tyres, and axles.

Why is dismantling necessary? Every bit of your car can still be recycled or reused, regardless of its condition. For instance, the engine is one of the most valuable vehicle parts to scrap, and it can be repaired by remanufacturers or sold for its steel and aluminium parts.

  • Crushing, shredding, and resource recovery

Once a vehicle’s parts have been dismantled, all that’s left will be its metal frame. But the process doesn’t end here. Instead, the entire frame will be crushed and shredded into small, hand-sized pieces.

Then, the metals, mainly steel and aluminium, will be separated and mixed with other metals to increase their strength. Meanwhile, the rest of the scrap, including plastic, rubber, and wood, will be sent to landfills.

The environmental benefits of cash for old cars on the Central Coast

The vehicle recycling process ensures that no part of your car goes to waste, even after its life. Its scrap metals will be sent to manufacturers to make new machines, while the recovered parts will be sold as spares for lower prices.

Overall, the process helps save the environment by:

  • Preserving up to 1100 kg of iron ore, 600 kg of coal, and 50 kg of limestone per tonne of recycled steel
  • Conserving energy, water, and other natural resources
  • Protecting the local flora and fauna from pollution and habitat destruction
  • Creating more landfill space

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