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Things To Consider Before Booking Accident Car Removal In Sydney

Selling a car with serious damage from an accident may sound impossible, but it is not. Many auto recycling companies out there are offering accident car removal in Sydney. They will be willing to pay you in cash for that scrap vehicle. But before booking an accident car removal in Sydney with any company, there are a few things that you must understand first:

The Price Of Your Damaged Car Has Dropped Significantly

Regardless of how damaged your car is, car removers will still want to buy it. But the price may not as high as you have expected. Aside from age, the severity of the damage in the vehicle will also be considered by the buyer. You need to know this so you can set realistic expectations. Obviously, a car with a few dents will have more worth than a totalled car.

The Scrap Metal Worth Of Your Car Will Greatly Influence Its Overall Value

Your vehicle is composed of many metal components such as steel, iron, aluminium, and titanium. The scrap metal worth of your car is the biggest factor that auto wrecking companies consider when evaluating used cars. The more metal they can get from your vehicle, the more cash you can make.

How much exactly will you make out of the metal components of your car? That depends on the current scrap metal prices in the market. The prices change regularly. This is the reason why two vehicles of similar weight and model will fetch different offers when sold at different times!

The Quality Of Auto Parts Can Increase The Selling Worth Of Your Car 

Aside from the scrap metal, many other auto components can be recycled and sold as second-hand replacement parts. These include the engine, control arms, power steering, transistors, and batteries. To get the most cash out of your damaged vehicle, you are advised not to remove any parts.

Some Companies Offer Paperwork Assistance And Towing For Free

Selling your damaged car involved paperwork. Most companies will offer to handle it on your behalf for your convenience. However, you may be charged a fee. The same is true for their towing services!

Luckily, there are companies like Amazon Cash for Cars. We offer accident car removal in Sydney for free. You won’t have to pay a cent. We are not going to charge you for the paperwork and towing fee when we have your car taken away. They are absolutely free. Even our car evaluation is also free. Just call us at 0422 784 920 or answer the online form on our website. Depending on the year, model, make, and condition of your car, you can get up to a $9000 offer from us.