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Selling Your Car for Scrap is Easy with Amazon Cash for Cars

When your favourite car has given up, can no longer be used, and becomes expensive to repair, it will typically stay in your garage until you can think of how to get rid of it. Rather than letting it deteriorate in your property, you might want to call 0422 784 920 and sell your car for scrap to Amazon Cash for Cars. It is the easiest way to let go of an old vehicle you no longer drive, and it can also be rewarding as it lets you get some cash for scraps.

Why Sell Your Car to Us?

The cash-for-cars industry is booming in Australia as it provides car owners a quick and hassle-free way to get rid of their vehicles and get some cash back. While you have the option to sell your car by yourself, there is no guarantee that someone will want it. After all, it may be old and ratty, and it might not even be running anymore. You could have it fixed, but that could be expensive. There are no extra costs when you sell your car for scrap to a reputable car removal company like us.

How Does it Work?

First, you have to find a licensed and reputable car removal service like us. Give us a call for an instant quote or use the form in our website, and we will get back to you in a few hours with a competitive price from our valuators. We only need  little information about your car, such as its make, model, and year.

The condition of your vehicle does not matter when you sell your car for scrap. That means you can confidently sell it to us, even if it was in an accident, wrecked, or damaged, and we will pay top dollar for it. In fact, we are among the car removal companies known to pay up to $9,000 for scrap cars in Sydney.

It’s hassle-free!

It’s free to ask for a quote from us, and if you like our price offer, you can have us pick up your car on the very same day. If you’re in Sydney or nearby, we can come to you in one to two hours. Don’t worry, as we offer free towing and paperwork, too. This way, we are able to guarantee the most stress-free experience to you.

Get Paid Instantly

When you sell your car for scrap to Amazon Cash For Cars, you will get paid on the spot. We can also pay you in cryptocurrency, deposit the money to your bank account, or write you a cheque. Tell us how you want to get paid.

Why We Want Your Scrap Car

We’re licensed and qualified wreckers in Sydney, too! So, we can handle the dismantling, recycling, and reconditioning of reusable parts, and we make sure the process has the least impact on the environment.