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How to Get the Highest Cash for Car Removals in Sydney?

Are you planning to send your old vehicle to a cash for car removal service in Sydney? This might just be the best thing you could do for your garage, and your wallet.

Cash for car removals in Sydney, NSW is nothing like selling your car on the internet or through a dealership. It’s a way more convenient and cost-effective way of freeing up space in your garage and earning instant cash.

Amazon Cash for Cars ensures that you get the best price for your vehicle. We can offer up to $9,000, more than any other cash for car removal in Sydney, NSW!

Factors determining the value of your car

Is it value junking your car for a few hundred dollars or less? You can actually get more than that if you meet a certain set of requirements. Here are the five factors a car removal service looks at when determining the price of your vehicle:

  1. Year, Make, and Model

The first thing you’ll see when you open our website is an online form. You’ll need to fill this out before we can give you a quote. Be prepared to provide details of your car’s year, make, and model.

Luxury vehicles don’t necessarily go for higher prices. In fact, cars commonly driven, like a Toyota Corolla, may be valued more highly than a rare car. Plus, your car’s make and model shows us which materials it was built with.

  1. Condition

Does your car have any issues? Perhaps your engine isn’t running, or some metal parts are rusted, these are all factors taken into consideration when valuing your vehicle.

  1. Price of Scrap Metal

The average vehicle contains about 1080kg of steel and 130kg of aluminium. Scrap metal buyers are always on the lookout for these materials; however, their prices can fluctuate every year.

It’s best to look for cash for car removal in Sydney, NSW, when the demand for the metal is high, ensuring that you get a better deal!

  1. Demand for Parts

Everything in a car can be recycled and reused, right from its batteries to its tires and radio. This factor goes hand in hand with the overall condition of your vehicle. If your car is in better shape, it’s guaranteed to go for a better price.

  1. Location

Lastly, most car removal services consider how near or far your location is from their yard. But you’re in luck, we at Amazon Cash for Cars serve most of Sydney. You can give us a call at 0422 784 920, and we can pick up your vehicle on the same day.

Don’t worry about the price, either. We offer free towing services, plus you can get up to $9000 once we’ve determined your car’s value!