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Classification Of Unwanted Vehicles By Cash For Cars Companies

There’s no benefit in keeping an unwanted car, especially if it’s deteriorating, damaged, or not being used anymore. The good news is that you can sell and make instant cash for cars. Don’t worry because licensed car removal companies offer top dollar for unwanted vehicles with a stress-free process, just like how we do it.

But Before You Proceed, You Might Be Wondering What Qualifies A Car As ‘Unwanted.’ Here Are Some Points To Consider:

It’s Junk

A car may be unwanted because it’s scrap or junk. That means it no longer runs and is not worth fixing because it’s damaged beyond repair, and there’s very little to no resale value anymore. In that case, it’s best sold for scrap or its parts. We’re known to offer instant cash for junk cars in Sydney, and when you sell your vehicle to us, our licensed wrecking team will dismantle it for reusable and recyclable parts. We practice green junk car disposal to minimise waste that goes into the landfill and reduce our carbon footprint.


Some unwanted cars may have been abandoned by someone on your property with or without your permission. There are cases wherein a family member or a friend may have left their car under your care, only to abandon it in the end and without any intention to get it back. Regardless of its condition, consider selling it for cash to a car removal company and avoid keeping an eyesore on your property.


Sometimes, you’re guaranteed a great car by the manufacturer, only to realise that you got a dud. Then, you decide to give it a chance and spend cash on its repairs. That’s usually a bad move because it makes you waste resources on something useless. You’re better off earning instant cash for cars. Depending on the car’s condition, you could get up to $9,000 from the sale.

Missing Paperwork

Some unwanted cars have their registration or title missing, so they end up being unused for extended periods and left to deteriorate. Licensed car removal companies can buy unregistered cars at top dollar.

It’s Old

A car that’s way past its prime may be more expensive to maintain in the long run. You don’t have to worry about getting an old car fixed or restored to make it presentable when you sell it to us.

Sell Any Unwanted Car To Us

We’re a licensed and established car removal company in Sydney! Get an instant cash for cars quote from Amazon Cash for Cars by calling 0422 784 920. If you like our offer, you can book the pick-up immediately, and we’ll pay you on the spot. We buy all makes and models, irrespective of the condition. Our car removal service is completely free, including the paperwork.